Boiler Room Boys Detected by Sonitrol Pacific, in Custody

Tacoma, WA, May 24, 2009 --( For the second time in a month, Sonitrol Pacific detected criminal activity at this Washington school, dispatching police to make arrests May 21.

Sonitrol Pacific Operator Tara Fulmer received an initial alarm activation from the school’s basement and listened to real-time audio to verify it. She heard at least two boys talking and the sounds of faint movement coming from the sensors in the boiler room, and called police.

Police responded to the call, located two juveniles inside the school’s boiler room and took them into custody.

On May 2, the school’s Sonitrol Pacific security system detected suspicious activity and police arrested two suspected vandals.

The May 21 arrest incident is particularly impressive considering it happened in the early evening on a Thursday night and could have been a false alarm. However, being an expert in audio verification technology, Fulmer could verify the alarm, confirm with a representative from the school that no one should be inside, and dispatch police within moments of receiving the initial activation.

Sound Security, dba Sonitrol Pacific
Pamela Singleton