The Swinden Group Advises That Tropical Cyclone Aila Will Target India and Bangladesh Border Region

Torrential rains are expected along the coastline of India and Bangladesh to cause widespread damage.

Evergreen, CO, May 26, 2009 --( The Swinden Group, through their Severe Weather Advisories, is advising interests and travelers along the Bay of Bengal coastline from Orissa, India to Bangladesh to be prepared for affects of Tropical Cyclone Aila as it travels north towards the India – Bangladesh border region.

Tropical Cyclone Aila, with sustained winds of 50 mph, is located off the coast of Orissa, India 250 nautical miles south of Kolkata and will strengthen while tracking to the north along the coastline of Orissa, West Bengal and Bangladesh before making landfall in the vicinity of the Indian - Bangladesh boarder region in roughly 24 hours. Storm warnings have been issued in Orissa, West Bengal and along the coast of Bangladesh. Estimated winds when the storm crosses the coastline will be approximately 70 mph or near hurricane strength.

“The immediate threat from this storm will be the possibility of torrential rains causing widespread flooding for West Bengal and Bangladesh – to include the Kolkata metro region with a population of 15 million.” explains Matthew Swinden, President of the Swinden Group. “If the storm continues to track northward, it will most likely make landfall in West Bengal just west of the India – Bangladesh border. Damage to the infrastructure due to flooding, along with wind damage to poorly constructed buildings will also be a problem and will most likely cause extensive damage to the region. Travel in and out of the area will be hampered for the first part of the week.”

Severe Weather Advisories is a subscription based service provided by the Swinden Group to corporations and business travelers so that they are prepared for severe weather that may negatively impact business and travel.

The Swinden Group provides companies and organizations security, investigations, and risk management services worldwide. Severe Weather Advisories are provided to business travelers and corporations in order for them to prepare for travel or business impacting weather events.


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