Ronco Gloves are 100% DOP/DEHP Free

Ronco’s line of synthetic gloves is manufactured using DINP plasticizer and is 100% DOP/DEHP free.

Concord, Canada, May 27, 2009 --( Lately there has been a growing concern regarding the use of DOP (Di-octyl phthalate) or DEHP (Di-2 ethyl hexyl phthalate) in manufacturing of vinyl gloves. DOP/DEHP is a broad spectrum plasticizer that helps to make PVC products soft and flexible. DOP/DEHP is widely used in the manufacture of various types of vinyl products including disposable gloves. However, there have been reports on this compound posing several health risks. According to various studies, this chemical compound acts as a reproductive toxicant and also causes respiratory distress and has adverse effects on the heart.

With Ronco, a specialist in manufacturing of disposable gloves, you get the guarantee and assurance that the gloves you get are 100% DOP/DEHP free. Ronco’s line of synthetic gloves is manufactured using DINP (Di-isononyl phthalate); which is a safer alternative. DINP is a better quality plasticizer that also performs better across various applications. Mr. Ron Pecchioli, President, Ronco said, “Ronco will never compromise the safety of the users of their products. We have a highly skilled and specialized product development team and our mission is to provide consistent quality products that enhance safety, confidence and productivity at the workplace.”

Ronco’s line of synthetic gloves includes Ronco Nitech, Ronco Pure-Touch, Ronco Gold-Touch and Ronco Aloe.

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