Zonk Holding Corporation Announces Discounts with All Subsidary Companies

Zonk Holding Corporation, owners of Zonk Domains; The House of Zonk; Zonkbutterfly Travels, announces companywide savings for all it's members. Members since 1969 get additional discounts up to a 85% savings.

Orlando, FL, August 10, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Zonk Holding Corporation: In a remarkable move, the owners of Zonk Holding Corporation announces a companywide savings for all it's members on all products and services. Those members who have been with Zonk since 1969, will recieve an additional 65% off on all purchases. This companywide savings will continue for all members until September 1, 2006. Depending on the response it recieves, it will reconsider future discounts and benefits programs and or services for it's members.

About the Zonk Holding Corporation:
The House of Zonk was the original family business that started back in 1969, in Fayetteville, North Carolina near Fort Bragg Army base. It continues to be a family owned business, through Zonk Holding Corporation, that is always looking for the best buy for it's customers, who have supported us since the Sixties. The Zonk butterfly logo has been seen around the world and became extremely popular in the Sixties in many countries including China. Today the logo is coming back with the new generation that has accepted it as part of their culture, it can be seen on T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Polo Shirts, flags, and many other items. This logo is quickly becoming the popular logo once again in China, Russia and Europe.

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"Keep on Zonkin"(TM)

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Zonk Holding Corporation
Glenn Carter
Zonk Holding Corporation is the sole owners of The House of Zonk; Zonk Domains; and Zonk Butterfly Travels. It is also the owners of the propose commuter airline Zonk Airways, currenlty being developed.