New Media Service Tracks Stimulus Incentives, Government Programs

Up-to-the-minute news on President Obama’s economic stimulus package became easier today with the launch of American Benefits News, a free media service sponsored by Information USA.

Annapolis, MD, May 31, 2009 --( As the cascade of financial incentives, programs and special set-asides begin taking effect around the country, the amount of information that is becoming available is overwhelming, notes Information USA founder Matthew Lesko.

From environmental set-asides to small business funding, the availability of government-backed business, education and other economic opportunities have never been greater. But the sheer quantity of information being released each day has become part of the problem that American Benefits News will address.

“Our researchers are already very familiar with the complexities of government programs and the difficulties inherent in locating the right contact person within a massive bureaucracy,” says Lesko, the author of over 100 books on free money programs for entrepreneurs and individuals.

“We essentially track the latest developments and notify the press and public about what’s new, where to find out more information, and how to get in on the bidding for a share of the stimulus money. We do the hard work” says Lesko.


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Deb Samson