The Economic Downturn Spells Opportunity for Lionheart Assurance Solutions

The economic downturn provides the perfect storm of opportunity for Lionheart Assurance Solutions. Identity theft is at an all time high, there is a larger than usual pool of potential sales Agents in the market and the FTC has new "identity theft laws" going into effect, which have businesses scrambling to get with Lionheart Assurance Agents for help in establishing the "culture of compliance" mandated by these new laws.

Hewitt, TX, June 01, 2009 --( Not all businesses are upset about the economy these days. The Dallas/Fort Worth office of Lionheart Assurance Solutions (, LP is recruiting and training new Agents as quickly as possible to keep up with an increased demand for their services.

With identity theft at an all time high, and aggressive new federal and state regulations targeting companies that are not properly protecting private information, it seems the "perfect storm" for firms like Lionheart Assurance that assist businesses in mitigating their risk to identity theft.

Pat Parker, Sr. VP of Business Development and Training for Lionheart Assurance ( said, "In this economy, we're seeing a sharp increase in the talent pool - and the timing couldn't be better for us. This has been an opportunity for Lionheart Assurance to make some significant additions to our sales and leadership teams. The economic downturn has made our Independent Sales Agent role very attractive for those individuals who have found themselves back in the job market again."

National trends appear to indicate that an increasing number of people are turning to professional sales careers after being downsized from corporate jobs. Many site the independence, time freedom and lack of income limitations associated with these careers as their reasons not to climb back on the corporate ladder. Some say they just don't want to go back to building someone else's company and take the risk of having to start over again with nothing after another layoff.

Pat Parker agrees. She says, "We're finding more and more professional people who are realizing it's time to build something of their own that can't be taken away in a downsizing. Identity thieves aren't going to get any less sophisticated, and we don't see a reduction in identity theft legislation on businesses anytime soon. Those individuals that are willing to reach out into this new territory are finding the marketplace very receptive to our services. One recent addition had not dusted off their resume’ for over 21 years."

About Lionheart Solutions, LP

Lionheart Assurance Solutions (, LP is a national business services firm that assists corporate clients in mitigating risks associated with the loss of employee or customer data by helping them to establish an ongoing program of compliance with federal and state identity theft laws. Specializing in employee group legal and identity theft protection benefits for businesses of all sizes, Lionheart Assurance Solutions, LP serves over 240,000 corporate and individual North American clients. Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists (CITRMS) work with clients to develop a comprehensive affirmative defense strategy including company-wide identity theft awareness training for all employees, and group identity theft protection and legal access plans that are made available to all employees as payroll deduction benefits.

For small to medium-sized clients, Lionheart also offers a full range of plans that help small businesses to "level the playing field" by providing access to the kinds of legal and consultative advice that typically only a large corporation can afford. In addition, Lionheart offers employee group legal plans designed to enhance worker productivity by helping employees keep their focus on their work instead of on their personal problems.

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