Sonitrol Pacific Audio Security Activates, Two Arrested, No Entry Gained

Everett, WA, June 03, 2009 --( Officers arrested two teenage girls suspected of attempting to break into a church after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security sensors detected the girls May 31.

Expert Operator Kris Etheridge received an impact-activated signal from the security system at Everett’s Free Methodist Church and listened to real-time audio coming over the church’s sensors. She heard banging noises and scuffling sounds and called police.

Etheridge was still on the phone with the police dispatcher when officers arrived at the church, just as two people were running away. The police gave chase and quickly had the two in custody.

According to officers, the teens tried to get into the church’s kitchen through a window, but the Sonitrol Pacific system activated and police arrived before they could. No damage was done to the facility and the girls were released to their parents’ custody.

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Pamela Singleton