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Wholesale Furniture Brokers Forms New Partnership with Superior Home Furnishings in Columbia, MO

Wholesale Furniture Brokers announced today their partnership with Superior Home Furnishings in Columbia, MO. The new partnership will expand the services and further develop the brand name of Wholesale Furniture Brokers and open a new furniture market and shopping experience for Columbia customers.

Columbia, MO, June 07, 2005 --(PR.com)-- Wholesale Furniture Brokers http://www.GoWFB.com partnered with Superior Home Furnishings http://www.GoSHF.com on April 14, 2005 to expand their revolutionary ‘Click n Mortar’ furniture business to Columbia, MO. With over 40 wholesale brokers throughout the United States already partnered with Wholesale Furniture Brokers, a reputable brand name is constantly attracting new partners. The new partnership with Superior Home Furnishings will provide online shoppers in Columbia, MO the opportunity to visit Superior Home Furnishings’ virtual store at http://Columbia.GoWFB.com to preview items that they can appraise in person at Superior Home Furnishings’ furniture outlet in Fayette, MO. Additionally, the http://www.GoWFB.com website serves as a catalog extension of special order furniture items that can be picked up from, or delivered locally by Superior Home Furnishings. The Columbia, MO market also serves Kansas City, MO which is now open for business with Wholesale Furniture Brokers. This partnership is key for furthering their collective brand names considering the increasing trend for customers to use the Internet to research and shop for furniture.

Superior Home Furnishings is owned and operated by Brian and Jennifer Force. Before Brian Force opened Superior Home Furnishings, he became frustrated while shopping for quality furniture for his family’s new home. He looked around the Columbia, MO area, but couldn’t find an alternative furniture outlet that could match his budget. Brian and Jennifer asked themselves, “Why don’t we open a wholesale furniture business available to the public?” Superior Home Furnishings was born and they opened their doors in September 2004 with just a truckload of mattresses. Within four months, their furniture outlet was carrying bedroom furniture sets, dining room furniture sets, living room furniture sets, billiard pool tables, hot tub spas, and more. Their new furniture warehouse is open to the general public by appointment. With their sales floor expected to quadruple, from when they opened, sales are expected to continue doubling monthly. Now Superior Home Furnishings also has access to the growing list of manufacturers supplied by Wholesale Furniture Brokers.

Wholesale Furniture Brokers has developed a number of core marketing programs for its furniture broker partners. When asked, what sets Wholesale Furniture Brokers apart from the competition, Wholesale Furniture Brokers’ Director of Marketing Jeff Penner explains, "Our customer service starts with the website and, unlike many online businesses, we can follow-through with a physical business directly in the customer's community." Superior Home Furnishings will also benefit from additional leads generated by the Wholesale Furniture Brokers website. In addition to shopping the website, visitors can also view driving directions, find contact information, and custom content provided by Superior Home Furnishings. Wholesale Furniture Brokers increases traffic and sales to Superior Home Furnishings with a comprehensive marketing plan including Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns with a qualified Google advertising professional, directory listings, and a professional eBay strategy.

When asked why Wholesale Furniture Brokers would want to partner with Superior Home Furnishings, Jeff Penner noted that, “We're happy to have someone that the customer can deal with face-to-face and get them the service they deserve. That’s part of Wholesale Furniture Brokers business model. It’s what sets us apart".

By allying with Wholesale Furniture Brokers, Brian and Jennifer Force are able to benefit from the boom in online shopping. Wholesale Furniture Brokers’ website platform and expertise in online marketing provides a solution at a fraction of the cost it would take to implement a high caliber program of their own. For instance, through the new version of its web site, Wholesale Furniture Brokers has provided its brokers with online access to an automated wholesale order system, and customers can chat online with customer service reps, check on the status of their order in their personal account, and receive updates on products and sales. With Wholesale Furniture Brokers assuming responsibility for the web site, online marketing and branding, Superior Home Furnishings can focus on its core strength: local customer service.

About Wholesale Furniture Brokers
Wholesale Furniture Brokers http://www.GoWFB.com is a private company based in Kamloops, BC (Canada) and represents the online marketing for warehouse furniture outlets. Founded in August 2000, Wholesale Furniture Brokers started its innovative click-n-mortar services two years later.

Using the http://www.GoWFB.com web site, pay-per-click advertising, and an eBay strategy, Wholesale Furniture Brokers produces profitable leads and sales for affiliate 'broker' locations. The warehouse outlets are not fancy, and customers know that they pay for the value of the products themselves, as opposed to expensive merchandising. Most importantly, the customer has someone in his or her local community to deal with.

Please visit http://www.GoWFB.com/furniture-store/ for an updated list of Wholesale Furniture Broker stores.

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