Scottsdale Executive Launches Own Stimulus Package

A local business executive is starting his own company where he hopes to breathe new life into the local economy by focusing on sales accountability and service levels in valley businesses.

Phoenix, AZ, June 12, 2009 --( Rick Docekal worked as a Vice-President and Operations Officer for a major title insurer based out of Scottsdale and is now embracing a new challenge, to stimulate the valley economy. He has created a company called ArrowUp Consulting and as the name suggests, plans on helping companies revenues and service levels rise.

Manufacturing and Tourism currently account for nearly 80% of valley employment, a fact that Rick knows very well and plans on leveraging into the business plans of his clients. "The greater Phoenix Area sees more than 10 million visitors per year", Rick explains "most of them come for the sunshine but what they bring is economical rain to our community".

Rick feels that what many valley businesses are missing are some fundamental business practices. Fundamentals that he says can really be easily put into place. "You probably don't have to think back too far to tell me about a recent service horror story. The fact is businesses spend significant amounts of money getting clients to try them yet spend very little money on ways to keep them".

Rick believes his company and the ArrowUp System will help valley businesses focus on the areas that generate new business while maintaining a loyal client base. "I have researched many consulting firms" says Rick, "and none that I have seen speak to accountability". Rick will be introducing accountability platforms to his clients so they can manage expectations in sales production and service levels. "Phoenix is an unbelievable destination, businesses want those 10 million visitors a year buying their products or visiting their restaurants."

ArrowUp Consulting
Rick Docekal