South-Tek Systems Announces Exclusive Partnership with Juki Automation Systems

Nitrogen generator engineer and manufacturer South-Tek Systems announces an exclusive partnership with worldwide leading selective soldering company Juki Automation Systems. South-Tek will supply the nitrogen generating equipment to be used with Juki's selective soldering machines.

Wilmington, NC, June 14, 2009 --( South-Tek Systems, a nitrogen generator engineering and manufacturing company, announces an exclusive partnership with a leader in the selective soldering industry, Juki Automation Systems. South-Tek Systems will be supplying the nitrogen generating equipment necessary for Juki's selective soldering machines, including the FlexSolder W150.

South-Tek Systems specializes in engineering and manufacturing nitrogen generators for a wide variety of applications, including all levels of industrial uses. Nitrogen gas is a necessary component for maintaining the delicate atmosphere so important to production, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, storage, laboratory equipment, and more. Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas that, either by itself or mixed with other gases, can stabilize an atmosphere by controlling or eliminating the presence of oxygen. Use of a Nitrogen Generator on-site is a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient alternative to liquid Nitrogen gas cylinder deliveries.

Juki Automation Systems is an industry leader in selective soldering equipment featuring the state-of-the-art FlexSolder W150 and the Juki 350 models. The FlexSolder W150 is a traditional mini-wave soldering module that can handle dual mini-waves for simultaneous or individual use. It is the only soldering machine on the market that can solder large connections or other devices without the need for changing nozzles. The Juki FlexSolder series offers the most flexibility of any soldering machine on the market and it also incorporates a closed loop solder bar feeder that can handle nearly any size and shape of solder bar.

"South-Tek Systems is proud to have an exclusive contract with Juki Automation Systems to be the Nitrogen supplier for their leading line of selective soldering machines," says South-Tek Industrial Sales Manager Charles Metzler. "Juki is a giant in the electronics industry and our alliance with their company motivates and propels our own efforts as a manufacturer of Nitrogen generating equipment. We take great pride in the design and quality of our Nitrogen Generators and believe this partnership between two high quality manufactures will greatly benefit the end user."

Nitrogen gas plays a crucial role in the performance of Juki's selective soldering equipment. The N2 Series Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems is an effective and efficient solution to providing the necessary gas output for the soldering machines. The exclusive partnership between Juki Automation Systems and South-Tek Systems benefits the end user of the machines in terms of being cost effective and high performance.

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