New Post-Delivery Service Helps Transportation and Logistics Companies Increase Profitability and Gain Competitive Edge

Somerset, NJ, June 21, 2009 --( National Marketing Service (NMS) has launched a new initiative that provides assembly and set-up services to transportation and logistics companies following the delivery of merchandise. The 30-year-old marketing/merchandising company is offering the “meet and carry” service for both in-store and in-home set-ups anywhere in the United States or Canada.

NMS employees will meet delivery trucks at the destination to handle set-up and assembly. This may range from product displays in stores to furniture, exercise equipment and other ready-to-assemble products delivered directly to homes.

Third-party logistics and transportation companies that utilize the new service benefit from increased profitability as drivers can get their trucks back on the road quickly. The low cost of the post-delivery service also enables companies to add revenue to their bottom line by building the set-up charges, along with a mark-up, into the overall cost of the delivery.

Clients who have signed on for NMS’ post-delivery service claim that it gives them a competitive edge as well.

According to NMS president Bill Brenner, the service has been very well-received since its launch earlier this year. “This new initiative was a natural extension to our service line,” he said. “We have an extensive network, with more than 1200 experienced employees stationed across the country serving some very satisfied retailing and manufacturing clients. Now, we’re using their accessibility and expertise to provide a similarly cost-effective and efficient service to companies that deliver the merchandise,” Brenner added.

National Marketing Service has been serving manufacturers and retailers in the United States and Canada since 1977. It’s headquartered in New Jersey and has numerous regional managers positioned throughout the Unites States and Canada. The company promises a high level of dependability and expertise because all of its workers are W-2 employees as opposed to using subcontractors, which is common in the industry. All employees undergo background checks and ongoing training to ensure that they provide top level service . The company also provides clients with state-of-the-art reporting which includes digital photographs of finished jobs allowing clients to view assemblies and set-ups from the convenience of their computers.

NMS serves large national clients including Adobe, Brother, Staples, Costco, Wal-Mart and Target as well as regional and local retail, manufacturing and logistics companies. As one of the primary services with national reach, NMS has covered as many as 14,000 locations through North America within several weeks and last year serviced nearly 500,000 retail establishments.

Services provided to the Logistics and Transportation communities can be viewed on the NMS web site at:

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Scott Timmerman