Economic Guru Who Predicted the Crisis Warns of a New Economic Shock

Med Yones, the expert who predicted the current economic crisis, will release a new report covering the economic outlook for 2010-2015.

Las Vegas, NV, June 22, 2009 --( International Institute of Management (IIM) announced today that Med Yones, the expert who predicted the current economic crisis, will release a new report covering the economic outlook for 2010-2015. The report will be published in Q3 2009 on CEO Quarterly Magazine website.

According to Med Yones, “In the short-term (1-2 years): The decline cycle will bottom in 2009 and we will see a modest recovery in 2010; however the recovery will not be permanent, neither will it happen in a straight-line for every quarter. In the medium term (2-3 years): We will experience stop and go economic activities and stagflation of higher inflation and no real economic growth (growth will be driven by government debt-spending). In the longer term (3-5 years): We will experience another economic crisis that will affect the economies with high debt to GDP ratios such as USA, Italy and Japan.”

“The exact timing, the depth, and the speed of the economic decline and recovery depend on government intervention policies, but there is not much more room remaining. The hole they dug themselves into is already deep. Global market forces are stronger than they think. At best they can delay the crisis but they have to pay an even higher price later. How will they pay it? This is subject to the politicians’ decision: Either sharp/quick decline and quick recovery; or soft/slow decline and slow recovery that could take decades. Someone has to pay for the debt, the Americans or the foreign investors or both” – said Med Yones.

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About Med Yones
Mr. Yones has been called the economic guru due to the accuracy of his economic predictions and their timing. He is quoted in worldwide media on the topic. To learn more about the unfolding crisis you can visit the original economic prediction report for 2007-2017 at:

The updated 2010-2020 economic report will be available online in July/August 2009 at the CEO Quarterly Magazine website

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