Patent Granted to ENCAP, LLC for New Fertilizer Technology

ENCAP, LLC granted Industry changing technology patent

Green Bay, WI, June 24, 2009 --( ENCAP, LLC, inventor of advanced soil technologies that fight erosion, establish seeds and hold fertilizers in place, announced today that it has been granted Patent No. 7,503,143 B2 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. “This is Industry changing technology that controls the movement of fertilizers”, stated Mike Krysiak, ENCAP CEO. This Movement Control Technology (MCT) covers application methods of water soluble polyacrylamides, commonly referred to as PAM, to soil through intermixing, impregnating and/or applying to solid carriers, including fertilizers and other soil conditioning products such as lime and gypsum.

Fertilizers have evolved from the early years of manure spreading to a current generation of slow-release inorganic fertilizer technologies. However, these fertilizer products have yet to adequately address the costly global challenges of nutrient runoff and soil erosion. ENCAP anticipates its MCT technology will serve as the next generation in fertilizer technology as MCT successfully creates an interaction between soil and nutrient, solving a multitude of environmental and economic issues. MCT addresses these concerns by combining PAM chemistry and science with a technology that makes the application and use of nutrients and soil amendments simple and more effective. The adaptability of the new technology to a variety of carriers enables it to be integrated into multiple world wide market segments. Krysiak added, “This patent has the potential to revolutionize the fertilizer and soil amendment industries world-wide because we are transforming commodity products into something much more effective.”

ENCAP™ develops, manufactures, and markets advanced soil technologies that fight erosion, establish seeds and hold fertilizers in place. The company holds the patents and exclusive rights to numerous landscape, agricultural and forest fire restoration solutions used throughout the world. ENCAP sells its products to the world’s largest lawn and garden retailers, the professional landscape/golf market and various government agencies.

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Lyndsi Seymour