The Attraction Distraction #1 Metaphysical Book on Amazon

Dallas, TX, June 27, 2009 --( Author and international life coach, Sonia Miller’s book, The Attraction Distraction hits #1 on The Attraction Distraction: Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You and How to Get Results – Finally! is lauded as the book that decisively illuminates frustrating misunderstandings and information gaps for Law of Attraction seekers across the United States.

Marsha from South Carolina, an avid spiritual student shares, “I can only speak for myself, but since reading this book I can honestly say I have a much better understanding of how the Law of Attraction works and why it wasn't working the way I wanted it too. This book answers questions I Have had for years!”

Laura from Oregon celebrates, “I have read dozens and dozens of books on manifesting that left me feeling like the authors were dangling a carrot in front of me, that I couldn't quite get… Sonia explains exactly what to do and how to do it. Half-way through her book I started weeping and they were tears of joy and relief. I had finally found my answers!”

Beyond providing highly sought answers, The Attraction Distraction delivers on its promise of helping seekers get results. Naomi of Massachusetts relates, “This book has everything you need all in one place. I have already noticed some things in my life start to change for the better as I apply Miller's concepts.”

For seekers who would like more information about how to get results with the Law of Attraction, a wealth of free tips, tools, articles, and audios can be found at Excerpts from the book as well as other customer reviews can be found at

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