Solar Innovations, Inc. Introduces Their New Stacking Glass Wall Systems

Pine Grove, PA, June 27, 2009 --( Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial conservatories; greenhouses; sunrooms; skylights; folding, tilting, and sliding glass doors, walls, windows, and screens; introduces two new stacking glass wall systems.

Stacking Glass Wall systems are available as Standard Stacking Glass Walls and Stacking Clear Glass Walls. Although both systems are similar in operation, they serve two different applications. The Standard Stacking Glass Wall is designed for relatively heavy residential and commercial projects and may be used for exterior applications. The Clear Glass Wall, while still intended for residential and commercial uses, is designed for interior or light exterior applications. Both systems are unique for their ability to stack near the main system or in a remote location, in place for times where a wall is necessary and disappearing completely when the wall needs to be removed.

The Stacking Glass Wall is offered in three different stiles, just as the folding glass wall system. These stile widths include a wide thermal stile, a standard (thermal) stile, and narrow non-thermal stile. Very similar in construction to the folding glass wall, Solar Innovations® is able to provide mixed rail options to their customers to achieve the desired architectural and performance goals.

Incorporating decorative elements into the Standard Stacking Glass Wall is also a viable option for Solar Innovations® customers. Grids and horizontal mullions can be utilized on this stacking wall in the same manner that they are for folding glass walls. The Stacking Glass Wall is also available in our Clad, Veneer, or Standard Painted Options and has integrated swing door capabilities. Wood options include Mahogany or Spanish Cedar veneer. Upon special request, veneers of Western Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, Douglas Fir, Northern White Pine, Redwood, Cherry and more are available based on their market availability.

The Stacking Clear Glass Wall offers many of the same features, but incorporates only a clear gasket on the panel verticals for a virtually uninterrupted sight line. Two different seals are available with this wall option for increased isolation, the mono seal and dual seal. The Clear Glass Wall is completely non-thermal system, but is also versatile. Clear Glass Walls are easily adapted to meet many architectural needs as they are available in Center Hung, Fully Hinged; Center Hung, Hinged Pairs; and Twin Trolley, Individual Panels configurations. Operable door capabilities within this system are limited.

Both systems will provide numerous sill options including the new dust proof sill strike for a virtually sill-free system, a recessed tank for limited air and water performance, ADA sills, and more. Solar Innovations® stacking glass wall systems utilize stainless steel trolley bearings that are developed to withstand a high-load capacity and the longevity required for large architectural applications. Solar Innovations, Inc. specifically designed the stainless steel bearings to provide smooth operation in all conditions for many years. Flush bolts or keyed locking hardware can be included in the bottom horizontal rails of the Standard Stacking Glass Wall system while standard door hardware is provided for any operable door panel.

Customers can visit or contact their Solar Innovations, Inc. Representative at 800-618-0669 for more information and sample configurations.

Solar Innovations, Inc.
Tatum Fisher