100% Fully Automated Home Based Business… Do Nothing and Make Money

In this writer’s opinion, The Prosperity Automated System is not only genius, but a definite sign of things to come. The system takes full advantage of the Worldwide scope of the Internet, and the brilliance of the Automated Prospecting System is appealing to the mass market, ensuring that many more companies will follow suit.

Naperville, IL, August 21, 2006 --(PR.com)-- A new business model that is sweeping the World allows you to earn $3K per sale doing absolutely nothing! It’s every Home Based Business Entrepreneurs dream come true.

PAS - Prosperity Automated System - Top Income Earner - Marketing Director

Earning big money right away may seem completely impossible to most, even to Chad Hershey, but Chad has no choice to believe that earning big income with the Prosperity Automated System is possible - after all, it's happening to him!

In a recent interview with Mr. Chad Hershey, we learned that he had indeed made big money since starting with Prosperity Automated System ( PAS ) using 'instant contact' technology - in a nutshell: once someone clicks on your personal PAS website and then watches the 'Prosperity Automated System Prospector Movie', indicates a level of interest higher than 7 and chooses either the $1995 or $3895 level of system purchase, it is pretty much a "done deal" - they are instantly connected to a Team Leader who will then talk to that potential customer on your behalf and provide instructions on getting that potential customer started. It's really that simple.

Q - How long did it take you to get your initial sales through www.ManifestYourFortune.com ?

A -"Started with PAS in Aug of '06, so it was very quick!"

Q -How is that possible?? Is this a pyramid or ponzi scheme?

A - "No this is direct sales - not MLM - only one person gets paid a commission when a sale is made - it is a reverse margin pay plan... members get paid first ($3000) - then the company gets their share ($895). This home based business model has been used for years in the Insurance & Real Estate industry - now with the internet...you have literally 100's of companies that use a 1-UP compensation plan to repay their reps - and these companies are the only ones (in my opinion) that actually make people money unlike most of the crap you find online."

Q - What product is PAS ( www.ManifestYourFortune.com ) promoting?

A - "What product are YOU promoting? That is what PAS will promote for you - your product!  The PAS marketing system is setup to promote your current product or service... people get hung up too much on products... the internet itself is a product.

While your PAS system will market any product you wish 24/7, you may also choose to have it totally focused on marketing your Prosperity Automated System. You don't do any advertising, no calling, no emailing, no presenting, and no selling! Just go about your life and let your automated system and our Team Leaders do it all for you! Build a pay stream of multiple $3,000 payouts while you spend maybe 5 minutes a week managing the process!

PAS stems from a 12yr old company a lot of time and money have been invested to get the system to where it is today and it will only get better - we are the only ones with a system like this... many will try to copy us but this is as good as it gets right now.  This is similar to a franchise opportunity - it is a 100% turn-key business. The PAS system works based on leverage - using the efforts of others - so one person cannot setup the system so he makes all the money - everyone has an equal opportunity - for instance, many have has fast starts in the business."

The company's founder and CEO is Bill Osterhout, a former fortune 500 company executive. Bill has been successfully involved in numerous business ventures since leaving his corporate position, including several online income opportunities. Unfortunately, Bill found that while he had the skills and motivation to succeed, the vast majority of others striking off on their own to build their online fortunes failed. Bill found one of the greatest points of failure for most attempting to earn income from home to be prospecting. "It is truly difficult to find the time or the stamina to talk with enough strangers to sort through all the "leads" to find real qualified buyers. Add to this the fact that most people have no desire to be thrust into a "sales" role, and we have a real problem. There is little mystery as to why success is so elusive."

And so the Prosperity Automated System was born... The opportunity was launched in October of 2003, with a simple but very powerful purpose. That purpose is to totally eliminate each and every "failure" as Bill likes to refer to them. No prospecting, no phone calls, no sales, no answering questions, no talking with strangers, no pitching friends and family, and the business owners still generate a great income!

How is this all possible? Search Engine Technology is the answer. PAS's Search Engine powered "Automated Prospector" finds quality prospects from their Search Engine Keywords who are looking for a perfect home based business or an online 24/7 prospecting solution for their current business.

This automated system then kicks in and does all the sorting (triple surveyed opt ins) through these prospects and eliminates 80% of the curious, not serious and "Tire Kickers". Only serious ready to buy prospects who are looking at that very moment for a solution to their needs ever make it to the final qualifying round. These PAS prospects are then forced to qualify themselves for their own automated system by filling out a fourth step survey form asking to be contacted by one of the PAS professional Team Leaders. When the prospect submits their fourth qualifying survey, a new technology called "Instant Contact" has a PAS pro Team Leader instantly calling them for no pressure assistance and sales close.

The Team Leader will make all of the necessary follow up calls and arrange for the completion of the funding process all on behalf of the PAS owner. All sales are made directly for the PAS owners. Owners make no calls and just go on about their lives! The Team Leader notifies the PAS owner when their money is on its way! How's that for fully automated!

For a full tour, goto www.ManifestYourFortune.com and decide for yourself if the Prosperity Network's Automated System is the ultimate answer to your business needs and early retirement plans!

You can contact Mr. Chad Hershey directly at 630-305-9040

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