Thompson Extendable Conveyors & Gates Announces the Upcoming Release of Their "Reversible" 24VDC Motor Driven Roller Multiple Stage Extendable Conveyor

According to Mr. Thompson, the Docksider MSU (Multiple Stage Unit) is their first offering in a non-cantilevered multiple stage motor driven roller conveyor design. The unit will share the patented design of their Docksider MDR including its unique "Continuous Elevation Roller Surface." While that design eliminated vertical steps between stages, it is also what makes the Docksider MSU the first (and only) multiple stage MDR extendable conveyor capable of both loading and unloading operations.

Murrieta, CA, July 01, 2009 --( The Docksider MSU was designed specifically for the loading dock where it can be used to load and unload trailers up to 45' in length. However, the design can be adjusted to suit almost every need and is limited only by the space available at the dock. Their standard design uses Holjeron 1.9" diameter 35 watt high torque motor driven rollers on 37.5" centers with available speeds to 328 fpm for all applications. Other roller diameters and configurations are available upon request, including custom designed units. The Docksider MSU can be installed directly on the dock floor or on a support frame. And, being a self contained 110VAC unit, the only thing required for its operation is a suitable 110VAC power source.

Their company philosophy of "Keeping Innovative Solutions Simple"(KISS) means that all their Docksider products are designed for simple installation, to be user friendly and to require only minimal maintenance. The Docksider MSU design is certainly in keeping with that philosophy. It is easy to install, is safe, reliable and easy to use and, as a result of the small number of mechanical components including spare parts, is virtually preventive maintenance free.

The simple design, quality heavy duty construction, economical daily operating cost, savings on installation and maintenance and their exclusive 3 year limited warranty result in a conveyor that is competitively priced and which has a significantly shorter ROI period. And, like all their Docksider products, it is shipped completely assembled and ready for use once secured in place. And, all of their products are manufactured locally by their manufacturing partner, Apex Conveyor Manufacturing, LLC.

So, whether you need an extendable conveyor for your dock or an extendable gate for personnel or unobstructed oversized passage for vehicles, equipment or machinery, Thompson Extendable Conveyors & Gates has the "Simple Solution."

Thompson Extendable Conveyors & Gates
Charles Thompson