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Information Security Media Group (ISMG) Announces Record-Breaking Traffic on All Websites

Information Security Media Group (ISMG) announces a record-breaking number of page views for June 2009 for its two flagship finance vertical websites, and, as well as its newest website,

Princeton, NJ, July 04, 2009 --( So far in 2009, has seen a 100% increase in monthly page views since 2008. has also seen a steady stream of traffic throughout 2009, averaging a 100% increase., since its release in March, has seen an increase of 300% in pageviews per month. From May to June, saw a significant increase in traffic.

"Even though the world has been dealing with a tumultuous economic landscape, information security and risk management continue to stay as top priorities for organizations of all types," says Mike D'Agostino, Marketing Manager with ISMG. "Given the unprecedented focus on security and technology from President Obama and his administration, it comes as no surprise we've seen such a dramatic increase in traffic coming to our network of media properties."

The recent growth is attributable to several factors, including:

-- Breaking News - When President Obama announced his regulatory reform plan, ISMG stayed on top of the events with a comprehensive breakdown of his plan, as well as analysis from industry experts.

-- Heartland Coverage - The Heartland Payment Systems data breach - the biggest security story of the year -- has raised concerns from every corner of the financial and security spectrum, and ISMG has been a leader in news coverage with constant updates on the breach, its impact and the class action suits currently being heard in Texas.

-- Fraud Trends - ISMG has done successful coverage of fraud trends, from ATM to ACH. Fraud is a major concern surrounding financial institutions today, and ISMG keeps a focus on the latest news and tactics regarding these crimes.

-- Weekly Roundup - With the increase in the amount of content ISMG produces, it is easy for viewers to miss an article or interview. To better serve these readers, ISMG recently launched a weekly roundup of relevant news that is sent to subscribers each weekend.

-- GIS - ISMG's newest venture, has seen exceptional growth since its launch. With the help of its daily newsletter and the breaking coverage of Obama's plan for a cybersecurity czar, GIS has brought record-breaking traffic to its site.

"It's validating to see the increased traffic," says Tom Field, ISMG's Editorial Director. "At a time when many traditional news outlets are struggling, we're thrilled to see our articles, interviews, webinars and white papers gaining even greater traction with our audience. We look forward to expanding our content offerings to serve our audience's needs even better."

About ISMG:
Based in Princeton, N.J., Information Security Media Group publishes,, and, which are your one-stop portals for the latest news, insights and education on the top information security issues facing U.S. financial institutions and government agencies today. Through articles, webinars, podcasts, blogs and news alerts from federal regulatory agencies such as the FDIC, GAO, NCUA, NIST, OCC, FRB and OTS, our team is committed to providing up-to-date information on the security regulations, threats, solutions, training and career trends that most impact banks, credit unions, government agencies and other related enterprises. Leading companies supporting and benefiting from these initiatives include CA, Fortify, RSA Security, Secure Computing, Symantec and VeriSign.

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