Scantronix Document Scanning and Ebridge Solutions Form an Alliance

New York, NY, July 03, 2009 --(, an industry leader in document scanning, digitization, and electronic document processing announced today that they have partnered with eBridge Solutions, a market leader in web-based document management. eBridge Solutions is a Tampa, Florida based company dedicated to pioneering document storage and processing.

A privately held and profitable company, eBridge Solutions forms alliances with thousands of clients, for whom they host over 280 million images, serving over 31,000 web-based users. Using eBridge, clients can retrieve their scanned documents from any internet connection without the use of special software. Clients can access their data via search terms, bar codes or a combination index values. Their clientele includes insurance agents, medical services, physicians, financial managers, lawyers, local governments and a number of small to large-sized businesses.

Using their state-of-the-art document scanning technology, Scantronix securely converts patient medical records, documents, archives and photographs into high-quality digital images. They offer one of the most affordable solutions for all forms of document imaging, scanning and retrieval, a service that is increasingly popular across a wide variety of industries.

Through their alliance with eBridge Solutions, Scantronix will contribute cutting edge scanning technology that will allow eBridge Solutions to further expand its document management offerings. Scantronix will leverage their alliance with eBridge to complement their extensive network of reliable resources for clients. Each company focuses on streamlining business functions, embracing new technology and facilitating innovative document management solutions for the healthcare and business communities, making this an ideal alliance.

About Scantronix:
Since 1996, Scantronix has become a leader in document scanning, providing a comprehensive suite of services, including archival preservation, microfilming and microfiche digitization, electronic document processing, and high-quality digital images from a variety of original materials. Founded as a medical records service provider, Scantronix originally serviced premier New York City hospitals and medical centers by processing, scanning, storing and retrieving their mission-critical patient treatment and transport information. Since 2002, they have leveraged this expertise in critical document management by expanding their services into a full range of document scanning services.

The company’s document imaging services are now available for virtually every market segment and industry. With an established customer base in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Washington, DC. Scantronix offers an affordable and efficient document scanning and records management solution that encourages client involvement at all levels of project development.

More information on Scantronix can be found at, or by calling (212) 400-6484.

Cy Ishakis