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Network Marketers Leaving MLM's In Droves To Join Earn a substantial passive income from home with the 1 Step System. Free E-book contains a detailed step by step plan. Fully automated 24/7. No selling. Not MLM. Earn $500+ daily.

Paramount, CA, August 24, 2006 --( How would you like to earn $1000+ Per Day with no selling, no phone calls, no speaking to prospects, no explaining or answering questions, and no closing?

Just completing its first half in existence, the has turned the MLM Industry on its head.

Rod Stinson & Chris Koehl, CoFounders of the, are being hailed by industry experts. They are the hottest duo in this space, with incredible track records.

Chris Koehl created the online marketing systems for Xango, Oasis Wellness Network, Pro-Step, SeaSilver, LifeForce International, Mannatech, My Golden, Best, Precision and Credit Secrets Bible .com to name a few.

Rod Stinson was rated as "One of the Top 20 Network Marketers in the World," and has built Multi-Million dollar MLM organizations, with hundreds of thousands of people in his downlines.

Being on the inside track, Chris knew the pitfalls of MLM businesses. "Sometimes the problem was the product being marketed, sometimes it was the pay plan, sometimes it was the owners or administrators of my system, and sometimes it were all three.

Needless to say it was frustrating. I spent years perfecting my online system but could never find the right business model to plug it into…then…Rod Called.

You know, sometimes you know, when you know. Five minutes into our conversation I began to get goose bumps, the idea Rod had was exactly what my system needed to be married to--and by doing so, all the previous challenges would be eliminated."

Rod & Chris wanted to build an organization where finally, those that have been unsuccessful with network marketing over the years, could finally have the chance to become extremely successful. They wanted to give back, and by doing so, are currently paying out the highest percentage of any other company in the history of the network marketing industry.

For every $597 sale that occurs, $500 gets paid directly to the sponsor. That's an unheard of 83.7% payout. And, there's no selling involved! The price isn't exorbitant and out of reach for most people like the other companies out there. The prospect is directed to a web site, where they sign up for a Free 37 Minute Teleseminar.

The Telseminar is hosted twice every day live live, on Monday - Friday, 1:00pm & 6:30pm (PST) / 3:00pm & 8:30pm (CST) / 4:00pm & 9:30pm (EST). And guess who hosts the Teleseminar?

You guessed it, none other than Rod Stinson himself. For those who can't attend for whatever reason, an email will automatically be generated with a link to the previous night's recorded Free Teleseminar.

"I don't even need to communicate with my prospects, and they send me $500 directly into my account," says Dawn Henderson. "On my first sale, I practically made back all the money I initially laid out, and I did that in less than an hour after I joined."

Laura Goodman said, "I have tried so many other MLM & Network Marketing opportunities and had always failed. This is the first time I have ever had success at it, and it's the least I've ever had to work."

According to Anthony Starbird, Expert QA for the, "I would easily pay $500 for the which consists of proprietary software and other marketing tools designed to help increase sales in any business, whether online or off. Being the owner of a printing company, it has already helped us immensely in our marketing efforts, and has also assisted me in rapidly growing the business.

In fact, I am already earning more with the then I do at my own company, and I started 3/15/06!"

Additional Information: Contact: Anthony Starbird
Phone: 562-683-0332

Anthony Starbird