Three Prong Attack Required to Reduce Unemployment

Dublin, Ireland, July 05, 2009 --( Kevin Kelly, Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker has just finished off a major non profit unemployment initiative in his home country Ireland. Kelly was motivated to pursue this path as a direct response to what he describes as the increasingly toxic environment in Ireland.

Based on this experience, he highlighted three areas of concern in the context of improving the unemployment situation.

1. "There needs to be an attitude shift amongst some of the unemployed. Unfortunately, I believe that there are too many people out there waiting for the apple to fall off the tree. The reality is that the paradigm has shifted from “instant gratification” to “ongoing graft;” if a person wants to find their dream job. Note “dream job/industry” – at this moment it is equally as difficult to find any job, as it is to find a post in your chosen discipline. The unemployed need to work smarter in addition to harder. Target your industry of choice and build a compelling case that this is your area of bliss embracing Web 2.0 is my advice".

2. "The media needs to up its game in the context of providing its audience with balanced coverage of the days events. Currently the proliferation of doom and gloom is strangling creativity, enthusiasm and vision and making the dark hole even deeper. Many journalists told me off the record that “positivity and how to” weren’t exactly the most compelling news pieces. To reiterate, the media need to realise that people’s minds work similar to computers – Garbage in, Garbage out. How can you expect an enthusiastic, visionary, creative population if all they are being feed with is doom and gloom, which unfortunately is then being recycled within people’s daily conversations".

3. "A need for greater cohesion amongst all the agencies and social entrepreneurs who are trying to make a difference".

Speaking about the incredibly positive feedback to the initiative from attendees, Kevin highlighted the fact that a person was able to deliver some positivity and how to in the current environment was always going to be a winning package.

“Hope is a rare commodity within the marketplace. One participant commented that it was the first time since he became unemployed that he didn’t feel invisible. To be able to touch even only one person is this way is an incredible honour,” added Kelly.

Kevin also informed that he will be keynoting at the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table Event in Korea next March.

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