Steveco IPA Announces Richman’s IMC's New Contract Awards Policy

The new policy will affect millions of dollars worth of contracts.

Shanghai, China, July 08, 2009 --( Richman’s International Millionaire’s Clubs, which have been reported to offer the world’s most exclusive (and expensive) private club memberships are the originators and first movers of the ONE Club. Worldwide Benefits concept. Search Google using “Richman’s IMC” as keywords for more.

RS Management, Richman’s Global General Managers, today announced their policy with regards to the selection of suppliers and the award of contracts. The policy is seen to affect millions of dollars worth of contracts. Some of the contracts to be affected are:-

Exclusive Mega Yachts purchasing agency. Gross value at least $300 million;

Race Course and related infrastructure development. Gross value at least $200 million;

Club Management Consultancy. Value - $50 million;

Exclusive operators of casino style gaming facilities on board Richman’s Yachts – Value TBA;

Race Course Operations Consultancy. Value $50 million;

Exclusive thoroughbred stud farm operators with preferential race horse supply rights to Platinum Members. Value $400 million;

Exclusive thoroughbred race horse purchasing agents. Value $20 million;

Exclusive Racing Sponsors. Value $480 million;

Exclusive Onsite Veterinary Hospital operators. Value $160 million;

Exclusive onsite Jockey & Stable Assistant Training & Certification Bureau. Value $52 million;

Exclusive Race Meet Outdoor Advertisement Hoarding Site sponsors. Value $66 million;

Exclusive Advertisement sales agents for Richman's Lifestyles TV programs. Value $30 million;

Exclusive Wine & Alcoholic Beverages supply agents for Richman’s. Value $32 million;

Exclusive Tobacco products supply agents for Richman’s Clubs. Value $2.4 million;

Exclusive publishers of Richman’s Club Magazines. Value $72 million;

Exclusive boutique operators on board Richman’s Yachts - $360 million; Etc.

The new contracts award policy, although unusual in the industry, is in keeping with the Richman’s “ Benefit Members First” motto.

Richman’s new supplier acceptance and contracts award policy will therefore award all its lucrative contracts to suitably qualified members of the club or to persons who have assisted in the successful registration of a member.

To be fair to members, the grade of membership will be a factor in the nature of contracts awarded. Thus contracts, that have a longer term stream of revenues, will be awarded to memberships that have a longer life.

Richman’s General Managers believe that this new policy rewards members in a tangible way and could even be seen as a way for certain members to “keep the cake and eat it as well”. Recover their investment in the membership... while still enjoying its worldwide benefits.

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