Applying for Funding at Capital Corp Merchant Banking

How applying for funding has been streamlined.

Orlando, FL, July 09, 2009 --( Capital Corp Merchant Banking, a global firm specializing in international project financing, has been through the expertise of it’s Founder and President Gilles Herard Jr involved in the Funding of Projects for several years now.

During which, Capital Corp Merchant Banking has routinely received thousands of “Packages” or “Funding Requests” describing the details of potential projects.

Many of those “packages” and “requests” received, even though informative and well put together, do not always fully answer the “Crucial Questions” with concern to the “Risk” involved for any Investor to come on Board any given project. Additionally, the authors are generally very limited to the amount of personal information about the “Applicant.”

Therefore, Capital Corp Merchant Banking has created a standardized “Application For Funding” that allows Capital Corp Merchant Banking to rapidly handle the inquiries but also receive the necessary information to make an informative decision about the project.

Please feel free to contact their office and ask to be forwarded by e-mail, Capital Corp Merchant Banking’s Standard Application Form.

About Capital Corp Merchant Banking

Formed 25 years ago and headquartered in Orlando, FL, Capital Corp Merchant Banking has through a combination of Expertise and Contacts, continued the focus of meeting the increasing demands of various Companies, Clients and Promoters in search of Funding and Professional Assistance for a diversity of Projects.

Capital Corp Merchant Banking’s professional financing services include among others; providing assistance with Venture Capital, Equity Funding, International Funding, Project Financing, Consulting Services, Investment Capital, Mergers and Acquisitions.

About Gilles Herard Jr.

Mr. Gilles Herard Jr. who with his 35 plus years in Banking has developed the necessary Professional and Political “Contacts” in the Industry and leads Capital Corp Merchant Banking as it’s Founder, President and CEO.

Capital Corp Merchant Banking
Gilles Herard