Solar Panel Cleaning Company Growing in Recession

Solar Maid is on pace to double it's growth in 2009

Los Angeles, CA, July 09, 2009 --( Solar Maid Continues Outstanding Growth:

In the first year of operation Solar Maid exceeded 800% growth and this year, only six months in and under the dark clouds of recession, Solar Maid is on track to break its own growth record wide open. “Its not only an issue of our strong brand or rapidly growing market, it has a lot to do with the fact that this market was very much under-served long before we came on the scene” stated Bret Wallace, Solar Maid’s GM.

At the beginning of July, 2009, Solar Maid has begun developing plans to grow the Solar Maid Brand beyond the borders of the US and start a rapid expansion program in several top foreign countries. “We believe that the licensing model used to grow this strong in the US market will fare very well in many other countries,” said Mr. Wallace. Although the company feels good about its offshore expansion plans, it will continue to focus most of its energy on maintaining their current number one position here in the US.

Mr Wallace went on to say “there is a long way to go, right here at home, we can’t just assume we will be the biggest and fastest growing operation forever”. Solar Maid has its eyes set on finishing what they started, by working very hard to fill all the remaining territories in what they consider the “solar hot states” a term used by the management team at Solar Maid to describe areas they believe have the most potential.

While many of the solar maid operators are located in the west, CA & AZ the company has a strong hold on the east coast as well. “Its true that NJ, NY, PA, CT, MA, DE, RI, MD, VA are very active and we have a good showing here, but there are still many good areas in these states that need to be filled. But our hot list right now, are places like NC, SC, TN, UT, NV, FL, TX, NM, MO, LA, MI, CO, GA, WA, OH, IL, these are the states starting to ramp up and every day forward, our services become more and more in demand” said Jay Welsh, the Executive Director at Solar Maid.

Mr Welsh says that "Solar Maid provides a turnkey business opportunity for businesses and individuals looking for a way to enter into the dynamic solar industry and create a limitless revenue stream. The licensing options provided through Solar Maid meet the needs of all interested parties and the process is as simple as 1-2-3."

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Jay Welsh