New PEPI® Thermal Protectors Combine High Value with Small Size

North Canton, OH, July 10, 2009 --( Portage Electric Products, Inc., manufacturer of a diverse line of PEPI® ultra-small thermal controls, has introduced a new series of small footprint / high value snap action thermal protectors. The Model 11MP Series thermal protector offers the versatility PEPI® customers have become accustomed to with the smallest footprint among PEPI® controls designed for inductive loads. The company currently offers thermal controls with foldover cases, drawn case and 1/2" disc-type designs. The 11MP represents a new eased-corner design for easier fit in the increasingly small spaces found in today's motors, transformers, ballasts, solenoids and circuit boards.

11MP Series thermal protectors are available in three basic types. The E-Type is epoxy encapsulated. S-Type thermal protectors have heat-shrink mylar insulating sleeves. N-Type units have no insulating sleeves. All are available with various bimetallic elements to match the current and temperature sensitivity of the device to the application. These economical and reliable thermal protectors have contact ratings of 4.5 amps/250VAC for low resistance bimetal version and 7 amps/250VAC for high resistance bimetal version. They can be shipped with or without factory-approved lead wires. Standard leads are #22 gauge, UL1332 approved white leads with others available upon request. Operating temperatures are pre-set at the factory and are available in 5°C increments between 70°C and 160°C.

Portage Electric
Brandon L. Wehl