China DVD Players Wholesaler ePathChina Released New DVDs with GPS

As is well known that time is money and it should not be wasted when people are in cars.

Shenzhen, China, July 17, 2009 --( For those who spend a lot of time in the car, the quality of a car GPS navigation system is much important. Car DVD players Built in GPS and Bluetooth are fantastic multimedia centers, too. Recently, China car DVD players wholesale company ePathChina ( provides conditions for those who enjoy driving fast cars with security.

Many DVD players offered by ePathChina come with WIN CE 5.0 to support many of today’s top GPS software titles, maps and navigation features like route planning, points of interest suggestion, and voice data communication.

Bluetooth makes it possible for drivers to drive safely while talking through the built-in MIC or listening to calls through in-car speaker system. Besides, playing DVDs or multimedia files, listening to AM/FM radio and even watching TV are all available with these wonders on wheels.

These car DVDs can be widely used by different people, such as car stereo enthusiasts, families who take trips, dad who must take kids to swim practice, mom who takes kids to soccer practice, people who spend a lot of time in the car like taxi drivers, people who bought a second hand car and want to upgrade it, salespeople who are on the road a lot visiting customers.

Getting stuck in traffic, long commute from the suburbs, even getting lost occasionally are all wasting time. "Come on now, if you are a much more productive driver. GPS navigation helps you get to your destination on time. Bluetooth functionality lets you communicate and drive safely. Multimedia features let you and your passengers enjoy the ride instead of just looking at the cars passing by." Sophia, the representative of DVD players Wholesaler ePathChina ( said inflammatorily.

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