‘Works Both Ways.com’ Finally, Some Good News for Job-Hunters

A recession-busting solution for skilled jobseekers and those who need their expertise.

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, July 25, 2009 --(PR.com)-- An entrepreneurial Buckinghamshire (UK) couple, hit twice in six months by redundancy, have launched a new, free website to help skilled people who find themselves without a job.

Works Both Ways (worksbothways.com) is a free online meeting place for skills and expertise and those who need them. The idea behind the website is that skilled individuals can advertise their services, completely free of charge, and companies or individuals who can benefit from their expertise hire them for a reasonable daily or hourly rate. Works Both Ways creates a genuine win-win situation.

The current UK economic climate doesn’t mean that businesses don’t need services or expertise. In fact, they may have a greater need than ever for services such as financial or HR advice, marketing or sales training. But it may mean that they have less money to pay for it. Many consultants charge up to £500+ per day for their services, which can be prohibitively expensive for a small business, especially a struggling one.

An individual who has the required skill may be willing to provide their expertise for a much lower daily rate, on the basis that they would rather work than sign on. This way of working can enrich a CV and demonstrates a strong work ethic. It could be a temporary fix whilst searching for a new permanent role or it may also suit people looking for a lifestyle change. Someone who was earning £1800 take-home per month working full time may be able to achieve similar earnings by working just 15 days per month, leaving them time to learn a new skill, take up a new hobby or simply spend more time with the children. They also have the flexibility to work closer to home, or even from home.

Phillippa and James Bowman have found themselves out of a job twice in six months. “We had just returned from living in France,” says Phillippa, “and unfortunately in the current climate it was a case of last in, first out.” Looking to take positive action, they came up with the website as a way to find hourly or daily paid work and to help others to do the same. It will be free for individuals to advertise their skills on the site, and for hirers to take on their services, but there are provisos. “We don’t want high-charging consultants to jump on this as a way of getting free advertising,” says James, “so we are imposing a maximum daily rate of £200. It is then the choice of the service provider whether or not they accept work offered based on their travelling costs and so on.”

The website is open to all types of skills and expertise from garden maintenance or catering, through to IT or management consultancy. As the website is a non-profit-making venture, it is hoped that it will be vigorously supported by local businesses and advisory bodies, such as the Chamber of Commerce, and influential business people and entrepreneurs. Terms and conditions are posted on the website, as is information on becoming self-employed.

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