The Six Tenets of the Copier Companies (and How to Get a Better Deal)

DocuSense offers a whitepaper on how to choose the right multifunction equipment without going over budget and getting exactly what you need.

Philadelphia, PA, July 25, 2009 --( Purchasing the right multifunction office equipment can be very tricky. If you make the wrong decision for even one copier /printer device in a workgroup setting, you can easily overspend on acquisition, service and supplies by thousands of dollars. Sounds expensive? Don’t worry; it gets much worse. ”Soft” costs such as lost capabilities, user frustration, down-time and office inefficiency will multiply the expense tenfold.

Why is it so hard to get this right? One reason is that manufacturers are introducing new technology and new devices at break-neck speed. Also, the manufacturers’ stated equipment specs are often overstated. Lastly, the newer technology is often hard to understand and frequently challenging to setup or use. If you have never bought multifunction office equipment, don’t fret; even seasoned IT and facilities professionals can goof-up this purchase. Ask any one who has been through the process of buying or leasing office equipment and they’ll probably have stories to tell about the deal they wish they had never signed.

Equipment salespeople already know how confusing the purchase can be so they are advantaged when dealing with those of us who lack the knowledge to make completely informed decisions. Fortunately, most multifunction salespeople use identical, time-honored skills during the sales cycle. They all sit at the foot of the same grand-master to learn their craft and they follow a very predictable selling method. Anyone who knows what motivates office machine salespeople during the assessment, negotiation and buying process has a terrific leg-up. If you know what questions to ask, you can narrow the field of potential devices, lower your cost and usually end up buying less equipment in the first place.

Here, unclassified for the first time, is the office machine salesperson’s manifesto. It was obtained using enhanced interrogation on several successful highly-trained multifunction equipment-sales operatives. This condensed, one-page document will explain their rationale and methods. It will also give you short, practical tips to counter their techniques and it’s yours just for asking.

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