Universal Moving Systems: Moving on the Cheap in Northeast Tennessee

Folks are using moving helpers to save on the moving bill.

Johnson City, TN, July 28, 2009 --(PR.com)-- With the uncertain economy, job losses and tightening household budgets, many folks in the northeast Tennessee region and across the country are taking a cheaper approach to moving. Instead of hiring full-service moving companies at $85-$95 per hour, citizens are renting their own moving trucks and hiring out for cheaper helpers instead. Moving helpers can be found at a considerable bargain too – anywhere from about $23 to $26 per hour per helper on average.

Using the rental truck/moving helper approach the moving public gets the expertise of full-service movers at a bargain basement price. Here’s an example:
Local move, three (3) bedroom home, moderately furnished.

Time estimate: 12 man hours or 6 hours total with two (2) helpers
Full-service price range = $510-$570.
Rental/helper price range (include $15 travel fee + $130 truck rental) = $421-$457.

Moving on the cheap can save a family 20% or more in moving costs. That’s $1 saved for every $5 that would be spent using full-service.

Universal Moving Systems of Johnson City, TN offers moving helper services at a price much lower than the competition.

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