New Opportunities, Support and ‘Tried and Tested Methods’ Inspire Roger Lamb to Become an ActionCOACH

Roger Lamb checked out ActionCOACH to see what other business coaches were doing, then ended up becoming a franchise owner.

Las Vegas, NV, July 29, 2009 --( Roger Lamb already was an active Business Coach when he heard about Brad Sugars’ ActionCOACH franchise through a networking contact.

“They knew I was a Business Coach, and thought it would be worthwhile for me to speak to an ActionCOACH,” he said. “At first, I was more interested in finding out what other coaches where doing, and then testing those practices if that would replicate in my own business. Upon further research, I was delighted by the professionalism coupled with the sense of fun that was instilled within ActionCOACH. The more information I uncovered about ActionCOACH, the more I liked it, and the more I found myself wanting to align myself with the organization.”

Lamb was a chartered accountant for 10 years before starting his own business as a Business Coach, and using his Master NLP certification to coach others to success. After learning about ActionCOACH, he became a franchise owner in Romsey, Hampshire, England.

Still, it wasn’t an easy decision for Lamb to become an ActionCOACH – in fact, he said it was the biggest decision he had ever made.

“I needed to make sure that being an ActionCOACH was a perfect fit with ever area of my life,” Lamb said. “I’m thankful to say that my girlfriend and family support me totally in this decision, and I couldn’t do it without them.

“The main factor, however, was the knowledge that, if I will achieve the things I really want in life, then I need the support of more than just my family and friends – I need a tried and tested system. The opportunities that became available because of ActionCOACH have been a massive motivator – the knowledge that, by helping other people achieve what they want, I can achieve everything that I want is a great motivator.”

During his career as an accountant, Lamb helped many small business owners better understand their finances and in turn helped them make better financial decisions for their future. He said his qualifications in accounting and Master Practitioner of NLP will enable him, as an ActionCOACH, to help others overcome any obstacles and make lasting, positive changes in peoples’ businesses.

“Everything I have been doing in my professional life seems to have channeled me into action,” Lamb said. “I cannot wait to use everything I have learnt over the years together with everything I am going to learn with ActionCOACH to help local business owners to achieve everything they want.”

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