ISREC Receives Generous Donation from Crane & Ilse to Support the Fight Against Cancer

Mesa, AZ, July 29, 2009 --( The Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC) received a generous donation from Ilse Cooper’s trust and businesses related to Greg Crane who is from Mesa, Arizona.

As a cancer survivor, Ilse Cooper understands the importance and impact experimental cancer research has in finding a cure for cancer. Through earned money from related entities, Ilse Cooper and Greg Crane’s $10,000 donation represents a precious gift in supporting the fight against cancer that will ultimately benefit millions of people world wide.

“We knew that a donation was going to be sent by Mrs. Cooper and Mr. Crane but we didn’t know the amount,” said Jean-Marc Tissot, Managing Director of ISREC. “We were so grateful when we heard the news. However, when the donation was presented to us, we were surprised that it was for such a large amount”

Plans for the funds will include research for finding a cure for cancer. “Because of this type of donation, our research can continue throughout these new times over and beyond what we had budgeted. And we will be sure to include breast cancer as one,” said Tissot.

“We chose our charities very wisely,” Greg Crane said. “I know this particular institute is of great importance to Ilse being a cancer survivor. When you know the money is going to a great cause and will help so many people, it makes you feel good all over.”

Greg Crane