Real Estate Agent Finds Recession Proof Income

Former real estate agent Elaine Ng finds a recession proof income from her home based business. By operating her supplement business from home, she has earned a residual income that's stronger now than before the recession started.

South Pasadena, CA, July 30, 2009 --( Times are tough. Companies are going under, the housing market has collapsed, and unemployment in America is approaching 10%, a 26-year high. And for the unemployed, the prospect of finding a replacement job is increasingly difficult. People are looking for a new way to make a living, for an alternative stream of income, for a way to take back control of their finances.

It was the need for a stable residual income that led Elaine Ng to first explore direct sales. A former real estate agent, Elaine is now a full time direct seller with Syntec Nutraceuticals, a company that offers granulated health supplements through direct selling.

“I think direct selling offers a great opportunity, because this kind of industry does not go with how bad or how good the economy is. It is a constantly growing industry”. In addition, the increasing number of Baby Boomers in search of nutritional supplements has helped Elaine enjoy a consistent residual income offering more stability in her direct selling career than she experienced as a real estate agent. “Since I joined Syntec, I’ve noticed that even in this down economy I’m making more money than I did in my previous career.”

In addition to offering her recession-proof work with recession-proof income, Elaine has discovered the incredible time flexibility that direct sales offers. Whereas most people are being asked to work harder and longer hours, direct sellers are able to fit their work around their lives. “In my previous career I never had time freedom. My son recently suffered a bad leg injury, and he has someone to take care of him. If I were to do any other line of work, I don’t think I could be there for him. But in my current situation, I am able to take him to and from work. In the little time that I have I am still making more money than before. This shows the power of team work,” she says.

So what does it take to build a stable, recession-proof residual income? Being a direct seller is one of the few options out there that requires absolutely no experience, specific background, or education. “This industry is all about teamwork and leveraging. It doesn’t matter what background you come from because you’re going to get help from the team. As long as you’re coachable, you can definitely make it.”

Aside from no required set of skills, getting involved with direct sales also requires minimal risk. Says Elaine, “There’s no risk involved at all. You’re buying products, so it’s not like you’re investing your money somewhere and hoping that it’s going to grow for you. If you join Costco, you buy the products at wholesale prices. It’s the same thing here too. But in addition to getting some quality products that you can use, you can build a business on the side. If anything, there’s just some time involved, but what doesn’t involve time?”

Over 15 million Americans operate a direct selling business. And with unemployment on the rise, more and more are discovering the financial and time freedom that direct selling has to offer.

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Billy Yeh