Newest XRF Instrument Line Released with Website Launch

New line of x-ray fluorescence analyzers (XRF) released. Quickshot XRF features a Handheld XRF for lead detection, precious metal analysis, alloy verification and more.

Baltimore, MD, August 05, 2009 --( A development team, working with over thirty years of experience in the sales, service and support of x-ray fluorescence analyzers, has recently launched a new line of XRF Analyzers. The new product line; named Quickshot XRF, focuses on providing a low-cost alternative to the current XRF systems that are available while performing with similar speed, accuracy and repeatability.

The first instruments available from Quickshot XRF include the Handheld XRF (QSX-HH) that offers multiple software package options. The software can provide the solution to alloy verification and precious metals analysis or for hazardous substance detection. QSX Instruments believes that the HS-Software Package will be the most popular as current lead content regulations (including CPSIA and RoHS) are creating the need for fast, in-house hazardous substance screening of product.

In developing software for the handheld system, the main goal was ease of use. The team accomplished that with software that is run through a touch screen PDA providing simple set-up and measurement launch. With the ability to toggle between screens during measurements for review of real-time data, spectrums and instrument set-up plus quick download to any desktop system for long-term storage and analysis in Excel/Word, the unit meets the requirements of the common user.

Additional instruments in the initial launch will include two desktop analyzers. The QSX-79T will provide a low cost XRF gold tester and the QSX-295T will provide full precious metal analysis including the gold karat identification in just five seconds. These options were designed with the experience of working with jewelers that purchase scrap gold as well as precious metal refiners. The QSX-295T has a software package that is extremely simple to operate and has features that many current x-ray fluorescence users demand. As an additional bonus, neither instrument requires liquid nitrogen (LN2).

As the instruments are set to launch, so is the product lines website: At the site, visitors can review instrument specifications, application overviews, learn more about XRF technology and contact their regional authorized QSX distributor. Also featured at the website will be the QSX-Blog; which will feature, among a variety of topics, updates on various regulations (CPSIA, RoHS, etc) that Quickshot XRF systems provide a low-cost, nondestructive solution for.

For additional information on the Quickshot XRF product line, visit the new website ( or contact the Sales Department (716-228-2080) to discuss your interest and learn about the distribution in your region.

Quickshot XRF
Jeffrey Henseler