Tweet Before You Croak: Tweet Your Bucket List Experiences Before You Kick the Bucket

The Bucket List PRO iPhone app gives you the tools to make your most cherished dreams a reality, while social-networking functionality lets you share your experiences with friends and followers via Twitter.

San Diego, CA, August 05, 2009 --( Equilibrium Enterprises, a leading provider of iPhone Apps that focus on self-improvement and personal success, has unveiled its latest productivity tool: Bucket List PRO.

We’ve all heard of creating a Bucket List – a must-do list of life experiences we dream of completing before we end our time on Earth. Now, with the Bucket List PRO iPhone App, you have not just a handy tool to create Bucket List items you can turn into real experiences, but with social networking functionality, you can share those experiences in real time with friends and followers on Twitter (Facebook integration coming soon).

Do you dream of climbing Mt. Everest? Visiting the Great Wall of China? Strolling along the Seines with someone you love? Whatever your dreams may be, Bucket List PRO helps you create a concrete list of to-do items, with productivity tools to help you figure out how to systematically set and achieve goals and make your dream come true, and then share your accomplishments with loved ones.

Imagine the scene: You just finished running with the bulls in Pamplona. Now it’s time to scratch that off your Bucket List; you take a picture with your iPhone to prove it’s a done deal, and as the App stamps the once-in-a-lifetime experience “Complete,” the app, via its Twitter integration, immediately posts the activity as completed and updates all your followers on Twitter. Now the world knows you’re truly “livin’ the dream” and creating those quality experiences that make life worth living.

What’s on Your Bucket List?
Pause for a moment and consider what awesome life experiences you want to have before you start taking that extended dirt nap. What are they? What terrific thrill or experience must you enjoy now, in this life, before you ultimately kick the bucket? Run with the Bulls in Pamplona? Skydive? Swim with dolphins – or better yet, sharks? Visit the Pyramids in Egypt? Go on an African safari? Write a book? Be a game-show contestant? Run a marathon? Do an Ironman? Donate millions of dollars to a charity?

Bucket List PRO easily lets you establish, maintain, track and record your dream life experiences to help ensure you live the fullest life possible.

How To Use:
Simply tap the "+" to set up a new Bucket List PRO item. Each item can be stored for later or activated and tracked. Each day the bucket list item is active, the Track screen will allow you to add new activities or "steps" to help you achieve your experience. When you've completed the Bucket List PRO item, simply tap the Completed check box, and then add a photo of the event direct from your iPhone or photo library to record the proof. Because Bucket List PRO is made for social networking, you can share any Bucket List PRO experience you want.

With Bucket List PRO, you can:

Add as many Bucket List Items as you like and Save for Later
Activate only when you are ready
Forecast goal/target dates
Motivate! Use the "Why?" Field to capture your motivation to complete the experience
Twitter. Share only updates and experiences you want
SORT your Bucket List to your order preference
Add a great Photo as proof of your completed experience
Chart your progress
Email progress and chart history

Bucket List PRO is available now at the App Store ( for only $1.99, introductory price. Coming soon: Bucket List PRO for Android and BlackBerry devices.

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