Introduces the Perfect Back to College Care Package

Care packages are fun to put together and greater fun to receive., the biggest online retailer of gourmet foods has now come up with a solution to give the perfect care packages whereby Parents can personalize their care package according to their likes and dislikes.

Lockport, NY, August 11, 2009 --( Care packages are fun to put together and greater fun to receive. When a student goes back to college, they miss the home cooking and nutritional food. It is said that a student gains 15 pound in the 1st year of college. Not surprising, considering that students are forced to live on the meal plan which is not very nutritious. High in saturated fat and sodium, the typical college meal plan is not the ideal solution for a student’s needs. Students are forced to live on Pizza or other fried stuff more often than not and to over come such limitation of choice, a whole new industry of care packages have been developed. Many Gift Basket companies have put together a care package and are promoting their care package as an alternative to the college meal plan as a healthy alternative. This is because, a gift of food to a college student is always a welcome thing. Students are always pressed for time to cook a healthy meal. So a gift of non perishable food items will definitely help them survive during the difficult period.

Unfortunately, the cure they are offering is worse than the disease. Most of care packages that are available in the market are nothing but a collection of junk foods and sugar candies. Full in calories but low in nutrition., the biggest online retailer of gourmet foods has now come up to fill this void. Giftswish offers the biggest selection of care packages a loving parent can ever think of.

With over 1000s of % gourmet foods to choose from, parents are never restricted for choice.

Select from healthy granola bars for any time munching. Put in some high quality nuts in the package. They are rich in anti-oxidants and a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Fill up something sweet with chocolates or chocolate covered popcorns. Keep some gourmet cookies handy for snacking at late night. There are some fabulous cookies imported from England and Belgium as well as some high end cookies made in USA. Send some jasmine rice from Thailand which the student can cook or some delicious noodles imported from all over the world. Some pasta sauce from the best brand names will always help. Select some of the finest tea or coffee to park them up in morning or evening. Supplement with some pate or salami or sausages. Add some cakes. The choices are limitless.

The best part of the deal is, parents have the control over what their children get to eat. Why depend on others to select what is best for the children. No longer parents have to send some chips and pay high prices. Personalize the care package with something you love or you know that your child love. Select food stuff that are healthy and still be within budget. Parents can also send personalized note along with their gift of care packages. Using the finest selection of gourmet foods from to send the college care package is the best way to show the love and care.

Bob Monk