Domestic Managers
Domestic Managers

Domestic Managers Makes Parenthood and Contemporary Life Easier.

Domestic Managers was established in 2005 to serve families and individuals with various domestic needs in the Iowa City/Coralville/North Liberty and Cedar Rapids area. The business provides nanny, babysitting, cleaning and housekeeping services, or a combination, specifically tailored for each client. With a one-stop shop for all domestic needs, Domestic Managers provides clients with domestic assistance and aims to provide a better work-life balance for busy adults.

Iowa City, IA, June 21, 2005 --( As the demands on working adults continue to increase, so does the need for reliable childcare, assistance with household duties, and management of daily activities related to domestic life. Since many parents are constrained by occupational burden, the necessary time parents need to devote to their children’s care, school and after school activities, and household management are often lacking. Individuals who may not have children but still lack the time required to attend to their house may often find their situation no better than those who do have children. These competing demands place great strain on parents and other adults, as well as children.

Domestic Managers provides a complete set of assistance options for parents and other busy adults. Services range from cleaning and housekeeping, to babysitters and nannies. In the Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty and Cedar Rapids area where many professionals simply need assistance with their domestic lives, Domestic Managers has been a one-stop-shop for those discerning families who want reliable individuals to provide them with varying levels of assistance as they try to optimize their work-life balance.

Services provided by Domestic Managers emphasize flexibility and tailoring to the unique needs of each family or individual. For example, families who need a nanny could pick from several options. These include a daily nanny who could work full time for eight to 10 hours a day, or a live-in nanny who could work 10 to12 hours a day, five days a week, as well as several evenings if needed. Other options include nanny-shares where two families could split a nanny’s working hours between them, or a nanny/housekeeper, who could take on all the responsibilities of home up-keep in addition to childcare. Babysitting and after-school pickups are also available. Parents who cannot make it home after school can not only arrange for their children to be picked up but also taken to after school activities such as dance, gymnastics or piano, activities which are often not be affiliated with their schools. Domestic Managers also offers cleaning services that can be done as frequently as needed and even one-time cleanings.

The idea for this business was born out of necessity for Chijioke Akamigbo, founder of Domestic Managers, who moved to Coralville with his wife in 2002 for their graduate studies. In 2004 when they had a baby, they had a difficult time finding someone to baby sit their child. As Akamigbo explained, Domestic Managers takes some of the difficulty out of finding someone to come into one’s home as an assistant. The company will conduct employee background checks, and drug testing before Akamigbo hires them. A more thorough FBI check is available as well. While the background checks do not show what someone might do in the future, it at least guarantees their past. Domestic Managers will also take care of paying Social Security and income tax for its employees, an oft-neglected part of hired domestic help.

As more people become aware of these services in eastern Iowa, Akamigbo, hopes that this will inspire people to seek help when they need it, and manage their time rather than letting things fall through the cracks. “Childcare is a particular problem,” says Akamigbo, adding that parents often struggle to find a good match for their families. “I am surprised at the number of people who need their homes cleaned, their garages cleaned, their kids picked up and dropped off, or university faculty who have to travel and need a nanny for the week,” explains Akamigbo who found that the range of needs varied significantly in the Iowa City area alone.

This new business started in March 2005 and has generated a lot of interest in the Iowa City area. Akamigbo also hopes to serve those clients who want their children to be bilingual or to be exposed to other cultures through their nannies. The most significant benefit however of Domestic Managers is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a reliable person is taking care of your children, and the extra time to relax and enjoy with most of the household chores such as laundry and meals already taken care of.

Chijaoke Akamigbo