Healthy Food for Pets
Healthy Food for Pets

Healthy Food For Pets Announces Flea Free - Natural Flea Prevention

Flea Free products are the natural way to eliminate fleas and ticks without poisoning our pets and our environment.

Vista, CA, June 22, 2005 --( Flea Free products are the latest profitable venture for Deena Caruso of Healthy Food For Pets - an online store of unique and hard to find natural pet care products which eliminates all the negatives of Pet Store shopping – long lines, noisy critters, “out-of-stock” products, high prices and questionable quality.

“Being a natural pet care consultant, I only want to offer and recommend the safest and most natural products to my clients for their pets. Flea Free products fit the bill perfectly when it comes to exceptional products.” Deena said recently. “They are safe, natural, chemical-free flea prevention products delivered directly to your home.”

When asked why she recommends Flea Free products over commercial flea products, Deena replied, “When people love their pets, they think of them as part of the family. Our pets trust us to do what’s best for them. Commercial flea products contain toxic chemicals that can lead to allergies and many other chronic and potentially deadly health problems. We wouldn’t give these chemicals to our children, so our pets shouldn’t have them either. Flea Free products are the natural way to eliminate fleas and ticks without poisoning our pets and our environment.”

The Flea Free products include a soothing shampoo, an insect spray, an organic yard & garden spray, and a boric acid carpet treatment. But, the best selling Flea Free product is the Food Supplement, an easy to use and reasonably priced liquid. Made with garlic, vinegar, citrus and natural herbs, the Food Supplement adds a pleasant flavor to your pet’s water or food.

Caruso shares that she has received numerous testimonials from clients satisfied with the Flea Free products. One client, Janet Meixsell, shared, “I have been using the Flea Free on my outside strays. I put some in the water because it’s too hard to make sure they get it in their food (too many to feed at once). And I can honestly say that not one of them has had a tick on them yet!!!”

Deena is confident that the Flea Free products work. “The Flea Free products have a 99.3% success rate. That’s why we offer a 100% guarantee. Either it works, or it’s free. That’s our motto.”

For more information, please visit her website at or call her at 877/877-0665.