Möbius Ring Silver from Fluid Forms – Consumers Create Unique Silver Rings Online

Visitors of www.fluid-forms.com make special moments in life tangible as unique silver rings. Inspired by the eternity-principle of the Möbius strip the Möbius Ring Silver represents an individual gift with special symbolic significance.

Graz, Austria, August 29, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The design studio Fluid Forms has developed the platform www.fluid-forms.com which encourages consumers to fuse the essence of their personality into unique products and gifts. With a few mouse clicks they create unique tables, wooden bowls, pepper grinders and for a short time silver brooches.

Now the mass customization specialist from Austria broadens its product line again with a sparkler, the Möbius Ring Silver. The design of the unique silver ring is inspired by the Möbius strip*, a fascinating metaphor for infinity. “Our customers enter the date of a special moment in life e.g. their wedding day on our website. The date fuses with the Möbius strip as a special design element and gives the ring its final form. Hence we make memorable points of time visible and tangible. Möbius Ring Silver embodies a very special symbolic significance and thus is an extraordinary idea for a gift”, announces Stephen Williams, CTO.

Once you are happy with the 3D-preview of the ring you have designed yourself online, it only takes about two weeks until delivery. Fluid Forms fabricates the custom piece made-to-order with a combination of the latest 3d-printing methods and silver casting, describes Hannes Walter, CEO: ”We build the ring layer by layer to add a unique layered aesthetics. The layers can be interpreted as the sum of all the experiences made after the special moment and which influence what a person has become.”

*if you like to learn more about the Möbius strip please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%C3%B6bius_strip

About Fluid Forms
Founded in 2005, the design label Fluid Forms continues to revolutionize the global marketplace for customized and emotionally appealing products, connecting creative-minded consumers with professional designers. User-friendly software and the inimitable www.fluid-forms.com platform enable inspired individuals to integrate their personal touches into unique objects while product engineers ensure creativity coalesces with unparalleled performance.

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