IdeaMama Group Launches IR Web 3.0 -- Investor Relations Software Suite with an Innovation-Fostering Collaborative Platform

San Francisco, CA, September 03, 2009 --( IdeaMama Group, a leading provider of innovative enterprise solutions, today announced the launch of IR Web 3.0 – an investor relations software suite that offers two-way collaboration between corporations, their shareholders, and other representatives of the investment community. Included in the suite are two key packages: the Innovation Fostering Collaborative Platform (IFCP) that utilizes social media, and Instant Transparent Reporting Capabilities (ITRC). The IR Web 3.0 portal can now be added to every investor relations and corporate website of publicly traded companies.

Relationships with stakeholders have been one-sided for centuries. Today on a typical investor relations website all that can be found are company announcements and updates -- the voice of investor is rarely heard.

IR Web 3.0 revolutionizes investor relations by making it easy to provide a two-way communication platform for interactions between management and shareholders leading to greater efficiency in the areas of operations and business development. It results in cost reduction and higher profit margins. It also provides full transparency which helps to create and maintain accountability while fostering innovation.

The product uses new trends in Web psychology that IdeaMama discovered while introducing various Web 3.0 consumer applications; this "socio-innovation" offers unique ways for Investor Relations executives to interact with their existing and potential investors; it enables action-driven interactions that develop communities around corporate initiatives; it engages the investment community in the innovation process -- in product development, business development, and marketing.

“IR Web 3.0 hinges on new socio-ideology,” says Olga Kostrova, CEO of IdeaMama Group. “This is an ideology of transparency and measurable virtual collaborative behavior which advocates a dialogue that directly affects the company bottom line, and results in constantly increasing shareholders' value. The vision embedded into our product design is the idea of building shareholders' value from the bottom up. It takes 'two to tango' these days, and the time when investors simply sit back and watch stock prices move up is long gone.”

Today it is not only about corporate accountability but the ability of Investor Relations firms and IR executives to motivate investors to work for their corporations and support their new developments. IR Web 3.0 uses the most innovative IR practices and makes investor dialogue well planed, well structured, and highly productive.

“We tested the level of engagement and possible outcomes within our own websites, including – a consumer Web 3.0 invention incubation platform." says Olga. "Now we are ready to launch segmented enterprise solutions, starting with vertical markets where it is the most needed in today's economy -- capital markets are more competitive than ever, and the old fashioned solutions have outlived themselves.”

IR Web 3.0 turns IR websites into productivity portals, and places corporate IR Web tools on the leading edge of investor communications.

Selected Product’s Features and Benefits for IR Professionals:

1) Creating detailed professional profiles -- enables personalized relationships with company management, consultants, and vendors.

2) Posting projects such as product development, business development, or marketing challenges to involve shareholders into problem solving -- guarantees higher ROI and lessens company liability as it redistributes responsibility for outcome.

3) Rating projects -- helps gain the assistance of investors to identify the most critical initiatives that require immediate attention and have the most significant impact on the shareholders' value in the company.

4) Forming execution teams for projects, consisting of management, investors, consultants, and potential vendors -- holds each team accountable for the performance of the project and will apply various forms of financial benefits for successful collaboration.

5) Defining and assigning any form of “virtual currency” as a reward for team members’ performance -- helps companies to identify and compensate non-employee participants and engage them on all levels of collaboration, from structured brainstorming to full execution.

6) Generating introductions -- enables each visitor of the project page to introduce contacts from their professional network and share the desired team outcome to engage suitable non-employee participants in the execution process.

7) Locking projects -- allows project initiators to open the project to the public or only to a selected group of participants.

8) Promoting projects -- enables team leaders to promote initiatives defined as “open for public” by embedding and distributing presentations, videos, and documents through SlideShare, YouTube, and other content sharing sites. It also enables members to automatically update the team, using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Stumble Upon, Digg, and other social media sites, with news on project development, presentations, and related events.

9) Aggregating all social activities on the IR website with inbound RSS feeds -- enabling the team to be informed immediately as things change.

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