Dynamic Achievement Develops Leadership Training Programs to Improve Corporate Performance Levels

West Vancouver, BC, Canada, September 06, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Dynamic Achievement has developed their own unique programs of training employees and managers to increase their clients’ corporate performance levels. The Dynamic Achievement Approach offers corporate training, business management and leadership training, and executive and corporate coaching programs to provide organizations with the tools necessary to attain the corporate culture essential to success and a competitive advantage. These tools enable the organizations to achieve excellence by working from the foundation, focusing on the core levels of both the individual and the organization, to produce immediate, significant and long lasting results.

Eitan Sharir, founder of Dynamic Achievement says, “While most corporate executives recognize the need for stronger leadership, too many of them still aren’t acting to make the necessary changes.” Sharir adds, “They buy into the notion of developing a positive and constructive culture in principle, but too many managers still don’t see the link between leadership impact on culture and bottom line results. That said, we’re seeing a shift in attitude, especially with enlightened leaders who are starting to realize that it pays to focus on developing a healthy organizational culture to achieve both competitive advantage and financial rewards.”

A long-term U.S. study of 207 companies by Kotter and Heskett found that companies with constructive cultures increased revenues over an 11-year period by 682 per cent compared to 156 per cent for those companies with defensive cultures. Net incomes improved by 756 per cent for companies with positive cultures, compared to just one per cent for their competitors.

Further studies have also shown that companies that ignore the need to create a positive work environment do so at their own peril, and are simply “giving away the upper hand” to their competitors. Sharir continues, “For a company wishing to perform at its peak, the issue is not whether they should create a great work culture, but how much they stand to lose to their competitors if they don’t make an investment. Those who invest in the development of their leaders are best able to weather any business storm, embrace change and turn challenges into opportunities.”

The Dynamic Achievement business management training, corporate training and leadership coaching programs provide leaders with the necessary tools to create high performing teams. Executive coaching is for those key members in a company who, from time to time, need to improve performance, maximize potential and overcome obstacles. Effective leadership and high performing teams are critical to success because, in order to maintain a competitive edge, people must work cooperatively and collaboratively across the organization to accomplish tasks effectively.

According to Sharir, the key to success within organizations is increasing employee engagement through proven methods. He says, “Among them are challenging yourself to provide more interesting work for employees, sharing a common vision, providing regular feedback on what should be changed or improved and considering your employees as more valuable than any other company asset – and letting them know you value them as such. It’s a matter of getting your employees to think about work as ‘what they do’ and a ‘reflection of themselves’, not just ‘having a job’.”

About Eitan Sharir and Dynamic Achievement Group

Eitan Sharir is the President and founder of Dynamic Achievement, a leading superior performance and corporate development firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. For the past 15 years they have been helping the world’s top corporations improve the results and quality of performance in every area of their businesses. Dynamic Achievement incorporates a unique methodology, philosophy and approach towards achieving outstanding and sustainable results.

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