Berkshire Calloway See’s Massive Opportunity in Current Economic Crisis

New York, NY, September 08, 2009 --( Despite the worst economic news in over 30 years, Americans' interest and new found fascination in entrepreneurial opportunities and home based (or virtual office) business is not only thriving, it is bursting at the seams. Berkshire Calloway has already taken measures to exploit this opportunity by moving assets into the booming industry of personal and leadership development, which is showing year after year growth of over 150%
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' most recent survey of joblessness in metropolitan areas states unemployment rates were higher in June than a year earlier, in all 372 metropolitan areas it surveys. U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said in a speech last week in Kansas City, Missouri, that the recession "has now gone on longer than any since World War II." The human costs of the grim statistics are brought to life in daily local news reports of company closures and layoffs. You can see it in everyday life. It is nearly impossible to not know a friend or family member who has not been; pink-slipped, down-sized, out-sourced, fired, or simply shown to the front door with a box containing their personal items that they had accumulated in their cubicles. While this trend is discouraging for the economy as a whole, Berkshire Calloway Holding Group, along with its subsidiaries have been hiring new associates at a record pace. Greg Steinaker, C.E.O. was quoted “there is an enormous pent up demand for personal and leadership development products and curriculum, we are just trying to keep up with the elasticity of demand at this point in time”.

Berkshire Calloway is keenly aware that interest in entrepreneurship is showing no signs of slowing down, it fact statistics show the exact opposite. In the past five months, Google's search volume trends reveal that in the United States, search of the term "entrepreneur business" on their website has more than doubled. In June, Americans searched the term "home based business" on Google more than 1,000,000 times. Even the discouraging economic news cannot defeat or deflate the determination of individuals who possess the vision to succeed. Berkshire Calloway offers individuals the opportunity to operate their own home based business’, either by using their own company name or have the ability to operated under Berkshire Calloway’s Corporate Shield, with their patented “Microchise™”.

There is categorical proof that economic downturns have proven to be the most opportune time for entrepreneurs to start a business. “More millionaires were created during the Great Depression than any other time in history” noted Mr. Steinaker. The time is ripe to not only start a business, but to start a business and succeed. “there is a finite event horizon to jump into the entrepreneurial arena, and when this window closes, the playing field will become level again for the individuals who did not take advantage of the current down turn in the economy” At the end of the Great Depression, an obscure company named Hewlett-Packard was founded in a car-port in Northern California and is now a household name and operates worldwide. The recession of 1957-1958 gave rise to the Hyatt Hotel Chain and The Burger King Franchise Network (to name just a few) which continue to be leading brands today. In 1973, the ‘oil’-crunch’ led by OPEC which battered the economy didn't faze the investors and entrepreneurs that founded Federal Express. Those entrepreneurs went on to create substantial personal fortunes.

To foster that entrepreneurial spirit, Berkshire Calloway has aligned itself with one of the most innovative creators of personal a leadership development; curriculum, multi-media and world-wide conferences. This wholesale/fulfillment company also provides skills training for Independent Leadership Development and personal growth. Berkshire Calloway Believes that an individual can achieve success in any climate, instead of relying on others for motivation, you can be in control of your own fate. Instead of earning what your employer thinks you are worth, you can start earning what you are really worth.

Berkshire Calloway is recognized as one of the leading authorities in the personal and leadership development industry. For additional information on Berkshire Calloway Holding Group, please contact; Business Relations at; 877-877-8860. For information on employment opportunities please fax your resume’ to 888-866-4486, attn: Human Resources.

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