Solar Innovations, Inc. Completes Unique Skylight for Historical Yale Society

Pine Grove, PA, September 10, 2009 --( Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial conservatories; greenhouses; sunrooms; skylights; folding, tilting, and sliding glass doors, walls, windows, and screens; has recently completed a unique skylight for a historical Yale society in New Haven, Connecticut.

With exceptional design ingenuity, Solar Innovations® was able to create a completely symmetrical pyramid skylight that allows for a unique aesthetic appeal. This orthogonal structure provides the observer below the skylight with a diamond-shaped view of the sky.

All of the rafters in skylight are the same depth on the bottom and share the same angles in order to maintain the desired geometric shape; Solar utilized two different aluminum systems, one on top of the other, to achieve this. While most skylight designers would not be able to maintain their weep system at intersecting points of the jack rafters, Solar Innovations’® integrated weep system remained intact, preventing water from entering the structure. This skylight measures 16 ½ feet long, 16 ½ wide, and 5 feet high. With the flexibility of Solar Innovations’® combined aluminum systems, skylights such as this may be manufactured larger or smaller depending upon the customer’s wishes. Solar Innovations® has created pyramid skylights up to 55 feet in length and width for previous projects.

The skylight was created for the Manuscript Society at Yale University, and in addition to being an orthogonal structure, the skylight is also curb mounted. The welded curb of Solar Innovations’® curb mounted skylights provides greater protection against leakage and shorter installation time.

A high performance glass of LoE 272 was used to glaze the skylight. This type of glass is energy efficient and will still allow for large amounts of light to be let into the building through structure.

This particular skylight was finished in a Black frame finish, one of Solar Innovations’® standard colors. Solar Innovations® offers seven standard colors of Black, Hartford Green, White, Sandstone, Natural Clay, Mill (unpainted), and Bronze, as well as two anodized colors of Clear Anodized and Dark Bronze Anodized. Custom finishes are also available upon request. Wood interiors are viable options for Solar’s skylights, solid wood is available in Mahogany and Spanish Cedar while wood laminates are available in Douglas Fir, Southern Yellow Pine, Northern White Pine, and Western Red Cedar.

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Solar Innovations, Inc.
Tatum Fisher