Teach Trick-or-Treaters Their SafetySkills

SafetySkills provides free Halloween safety video to public.

Oklahoma City, OK, September 11, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays by children, but also one of the most dangerous. Everyone has heard of the many real-life horror stories that could have been avoided if the proper safety precautions were taken. To ensure that trick-or-treaters experience the fun of Halloween without injury, SafetySkills™ has decided to offer its Halloween Safety course to the public at no charge at www.safetyskills.com/halloweensafety.

“Halloween is the kids’ holiday, dressing up like their favorite characters, running around with their friends in search of as much candy as they can get their hands on,” said Trey Greene, CEO of noodleStream.com. “But kids also need to learn the safe way to have a great Halloween because the sad truth is that bad things can happen. As a father, I wanted to help other parents and childcare professionals get all the information they needed to protect their children so that they can have a fun and safe Halloween.”

This Halloween Safety course provides parents and childcare professionals with information about safe trick-or-treating, decorating, cooking and even costumes. Along with everything you need to know about Halloween safety, SafetySkills™ is providing printable Halloween Safety coloring sheets that go with the online course free on their website.

“I think the video was clear, to the point and covered many great topics,” said Kim Estes, Child Safety Expert of PEACE of Mind. “I was happy to see a non-scary, simple safety video to help give us all a gentle reminder that safety counts!”

To learn more about SafetySkills™ Halloween Safety course, visit www.safetyskills.com/halloweensafety.

Heather Anderson
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