Conren Investors Group Announces the Beta Launch of Its 15SecondResume Custom Resume-Writing Webinar

The 15SecondResume Custom Resume-writing Webinar teaches job-seekers and those looking for jobs the critical new skills needed today to help them jump to the top of the resume pile, get their next interview and land a new job.

New York, NY, September 12, 2009 --( With close to 15 million Americans out of work, Conren Investors Group today announced the beta launch of its Custom Resume-writing Webinar.

The 90-minute Custom Resume-writing series of Webinars launches today, with the first Webinar slated for 9:30 a.m. (EDT) at a discounted price of $29.99* (through September 30, 2009). Nine Webinars are presently scheduled between now and the end of October. For more information about additional dates and times when the Custom Resume-writing Webinar is offered, please visit

Led by Hal Eskenazi, a 30-year executive recruiting and employee training expert, the 90-minute long Custom Resume-writing Webinar teaches job seekers and those out of work how and why job-hunting has changed today – and the absolutely critical role a resume plays in even being considered for an interview.

“If there’s anything this recession has taught me, it’s that job-hunting rules have changed forever,” Eskenazi said. “At best you have 15 seconds to make your resume stand out versus the hundreds or thousands of other resumes and job-seekers in the hiring pool. Fifteen seconds – that’s it!

“This Custom-resume Writing Webinar provides valuable lessons and real-world examples of the best and worst in resume-writing, style and positioning – and positioning is probably the best word for writing a resume. Because at its roots, a resume is your own little advertisement. Done well, a resume screams out, ‘Pick me. Pick me.’ Done poorly and a resume doesn’t utter a whimper. This first Webinar teaches the valuable skills necessary to create excellent resumes, resumes that match your skills, expertise and experience to the open positions.”

According to Eskenazi, very few job-seekers realize that virtually all Fortune 2000 companies and even many medium- and small-sized companies now scan resumes into databases known as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and then searched for key words and phrases that match the open job positions.

“If you do not use the exact words in your resume that the prospective employer is looking for, your resume gets kicked out into the ‘Do not contact’ pile, and you never even get considered,” Eskenazi said.

Other lessons taught in the Custom Resume-writing Webinar include

· The significant role of layout and structure in preparing a resume
· What are the absolute “No-No’s”
· What really “sells” you
· How can putting dates on your resume hurt you
· How to deal with multiple positions with one employer
· And many other topics

“Let me give you another reason why these lessons are so critical,” Eskenazi said. “I was speaking with my friend the other day, and he said they had 2,000 applicants show up recently at a soon-to-open restaurant that had just 100 openings. This scenario is happening over and over again all around the country. I’m convinced that the Only way job-seekers can hope to have a chance in this competitive job-hiring market is to make sure their resume helps them sell themselves properly, professionally. They must differentiate themselves. That’s why we’ve launched the Webinar series.” Testimonials
“In his process, Hal Eskenazi explained that a reader judges a resume in as little as 15 seconds,” said Tony Galli, Nabisco, Director, Customer Information and formerly a Sr. Managing Consultant with IBM/EDS. “Therefore, the beginning of the resume must be as compelling as possible or it will receive no further attention.”

“I definitely recommend the 15SecondResume resume writing techniques as my focused resume helped me cut through miles of red tape and helped me negotiate a position commensurate with my experience,” Maureen Robinson, CEO, R & R Solutions, Inc., an Axxiom Franchise Advisors licensed affiliate.

“Getting noticed by high quality firms requires a crisp, well-written resume; This resume skill course is highly effective, precise, and valuable for any position, any career, at any level,” said Joseph Calandro, Jr., Enterprise Risk Manager of a global financial services firm and former Finance Professor of the University of Connecticut.

“Hal Eskenazi clearly demonstrated solid techniques and strategies for effectively marketing myself to employers by putting the sizzle into my resume,” Peter Epifan, CIT Group, Senior Vice President and formerly with EMC Global Professional Services as a Management Consultant.

Pricing Information for 15SecondResume’s Custom Resume-writing Webinars
[Valued at $100 is discounted for this year as follows]
· $29.99 per participant per Webinar through September 30, 2009
· $39.99 per participant per Webinar for October 2009
· $49.99 per participant per Webinar for November 2009
· $59.99 per participant per Webinar for December 2009
· $75 per participant per Webinar starting January 1, 2010
Group Pricing is available. Contact Politis Communications

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For 30 years, Hal Eskenazi has been helping prepare and place senior and mid-level executives and managers in top positions and companies throughout North America. Eskenazi started as a vehicle to help as many people as possible improve their job-hunting success. For more information, please visit

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