Is Your Mind Working for You to Succeed – or Against You?

Sr. Vice President & Chief Training Officer of Isagenix Launches His New CD Audio Training Product, “Mindset: Your Key to Success.”

Kelowna, Canada, September 17, 2009 --( Are you putting the incredible power of your mind to work for you? Master Trainer David Wood wants to make sure you know how. His new 35-minute, impactful and action packed Audio CD, “Mindset: Your Key to Success” will change the way you think and help you develop that “Winner’s Mindset.” To learn more, see David’s products on his training site:

Your journey to success always starts in the mind, which is where your core beliefs reside, and is undoubtedly the driving force behind your actions, perceptions and behavior. The mind operates in the realm of the Law of Attraction, and the results you see in your life right now are a reflection of whether you’ve harnessed your mind to work for you, or against you.

If you’re looking for a very affordable, perfect companion on your journey to success, you’ve found it with this training CD full of inspiration and practical techniques such as:

How to Develop a Winner’s Mindset
How to Overcome Limiting and Negative Beliefs
How to Become Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
Why your Environment is Stronger than your Willpower
How to Silence the 'Dream Stealers'
How to Love the word 'No'
The Power of Goal Setting

David Wood’s fully interactive training products provide real solutions and whole brain learning for facing what stops you from success and leading an extraordinary life.

"David's training has boosted my self confidence as a trainer, as a successful business woman, and in myself as a person." Luna Pang

David’s training website, provides instant access to CD Audio sets you can listen to anywhere, anytime to help you quickly accelerate your business and personal success with easy-to-follow steps and personal insights. Other training products include the 4-CD Audio Set “Journey to the Stage” and the 12-CD Audio Set “The Art of Connection”.

David Wood’s Business and Personal Development Training System is designed to be totally accessible for practical and immediate applications, to maximize the potential in all areas of work, family, financial freedom, health, inner strength and harnessing your true greatness.

About David Wood Training
David Wood is the Trainer’s Trainer and his life is dedicated to business and personal development. He is a bestselling author and creator of “Your Journey to the Stage” series and the life-changing “Beyond Courage” five-day boot camp. Known and greatly admired as a master of accelerated learning and his ability to ease people out of their comfort zone, David is sought after world-wide. Visit


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