Hands-Free RFID Attendance Tracking System with RFID Gate Reader

Guangzhou, China, September 18, 2009 --(PR.com)-- DAILY RFID has recently launched a hands-free RFID attendance tracking system for ID badge identification at meetings, conferences and schools, etc. The RFID attendance system allows people to enter a room without delay or human interaction while automated capture of attendees' data.

The walk-through RFID attendance tracking system is an automated solution for customers to capture time and attendance. It combines RFID gate reader DL8220 and passive RFID tags, such as smart card and key fob, to automated record valuable attendees' data to help with future conference planning or school students' attendance.

The installation place and number of the RFID gate reader depends upon the goal and scale of the RFID attendance program. The RFID gate reader DL8220 is a self-intellectual integrated device with read range of up to 120cm, eliminating the need to handle the badge. That means only the person with authorized passive rfid tag who passes through the gate DL8220 is automated recognized.

The walk-through RFID attendance tracking system is capable of reading and writing most 13.56MHz ISO/IEC 15693 protocol tag such as TI, PHILIPS. And it includes several innovations that improve performance and suitability for access control use, such as infrared detect sensors, stay targeting police equipment.

The RFID Attendance Tracking System provides users with hands-free, walk-through access for badge identification. And its data communication interface can be customized.

You can visit http://www.rfid-in-china.com/products_701_1.html for more info about rfid gate reader for attendance tracking.

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