CertifiGroup CE Marking Program Cuts Trade Barriers for US Companies Selling Products in Europe

Europe’s laws for importing products can be a costly trade barrier for US manufacturers and distributors. Learn how to cut through EU red tape and get a CE Marking that will satisfy the authorities.

Cary, NC, September 18, 2009 --(PR.com)-- CertifiGroup, a North Carolina testing laboratory, is offering special programs for US companies who are preparing to sell products in Europe. Since the creation of the “CE marking” system, it has become more obvious over the years that this was not just a “Free trade” arrangement for the countries in the European Union. In recent years, companies shipping products to European ports have had entire shipments delayed and even returned, for not bearing the CE mark, or for missing or incorrect paperwork. With these occurrences, it is now clear that these regulations were also intended to be a trade barrier for companies outside of the EU.

The CertifiGroup CE Marking program makes it easy for US companies to get their product ready for marketing and shipping to Europe. There are two programs: The first program is a product submittal, where CertifiGroup CE certification specialists review your product, technical information and identify where testing is needed; the second program is a CE training program, where a company engineering / production staff learns how to manage the entire process from start to finish. This second program is ideal for companies who have available staff, and intend to market and sell a series of products on the EU market.

Karen Haselman, a Sr. Account Manager at CertifiGroup, talks about the customer experience. “Many times, a designer or manufacturer will start off only focusing on the correct operation of their product. When it’s time to market and sell the product in Europe, then they realize there’s an entire process that wasn’t considered. This can be stressful and difficult without the right kind of guidance”. Some of the CertifiGroup customers have ‘graduated’ into managing the whole process for themselves. “We have several customers who completed the training, and only need to come back to us when they have a new complex product line, or need to market the product internationally to Eastern Europe, Asia, Russia or South America”, says Haselman.

Free preliminary sessions are available to manufacturers and designers who can bring their product to our testing laboratory in Cary, NC. Call 800-422-1651 to make an appointment, or visit www.CertifiGroup.com.

CertifiGroup also provides UL and CSA Certifications, SEMI S2, Ingress Protection IP testing, hazardous location, medial, laboratory, lighting and many other equipment categories. CertifiGroup has former UL Engineers who understand the delays that can happen without proper preparation.

Gregory Smith