Tweets from a Wizard at Meeting Facilitation

R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard's Approach author and meeting facilitator, Shirley Fine Lee is now on Twitter as meetingwizard.

Dallas, TX, September 18, 2009 --( Author and meeting facilitator, Shirley Fine Lee is now on Twitter as her book’s persona, the meeting wizard. She plans to utilize this social medium to offer short tips on meetings, time management, and organization. Twitter users can follow the meetingwizard to not only get tweets on meeting management tips but to find out about training and other opportunities offered by Ms. Lee.

To find out more about her book “R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard's Approach”, check Amazon or her website. This book is a no-nonsense and much-needed guide to planning and conducting meetings so that they are as productive, effectual, and smoothly run as possible. In brief, the R.A!R.A! (pronounced "Rah! Rah!") approach is a simple meeting management idea for referring to the practice of using pre-determined Roles, developing and following an Agenda, keeping Records of what transpires in the meeting, and assigning Actions to participants as tasks for them to accomplish after the meeting. This guidebook includes explanatory text and illustrations for fast skill-building, process flow charts, diagrams, tables, and many sample forms. This book can help team leaders understand how to get others interested and involved in the success of projects through improved meeting management.

Ms. Lee believes having effective and efficient meetings can make attendees more enthusiastic about attending and participating in problem solving, process improvement, and decision making that should result from truly participative meetings. She has extensive experience, helping organizations with their team building, training development, meeting facilitation, presentation delivery, and other communication needs. More about the author, free articles by her, a link to her blog, and meeting facilitation options may be found on her website at

Shirley Lee