Storage Sale Now World Wide: is Extending to Europe

New York, NY, September 20, 2009 --( The internet platform has extended it’s services globally, now covering also Europe. has been started at the beginning of 2009 as a unique web project aiming at providing a platform for companies facing the economic downturn. The initial idea came, when to C level managers from 2 major American companies realized that the companies having to go through a downsizing process were actually creating an opportunity for the companies that were growing at that time.

Florin Chitu, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of us is remembering : “We started to witness an interesting phenomenon: while companies, downsizing to better control the costs, were letting people go, they had to deal with assets they no longer had a use for, partially depreciated at that moment. When you let 100 people go, you are stuck with a 100 desks, 100 computers, 100 chairs and so on and not only you no longer have a use for them but it costs you to just to store them. It will be very cost effective to just find a buyer from them, while they are not morally depreciated and also cut the cost of storing and maintaining them.”

“At the same time” Florin continued “the change in market conditions redefines the rules of the game. We starting seeing companies just being formed or existing companies expanding their market share. But they were all doing that being very cost conscious and we saw an opportunity there. What if we could put the two worlds into contact and achieve a double success : companies closing or downsizing could further reduce their costs by selling the assets they no longer used and companies growing could control their costs by buying assets in very good shape, at great prices (due to the partial financial depreciation they went through).”

The business model the business was built on, transformed the initial ideas into an online service, being the first such service provider on the market.

The two founders created a virtual market place where companies can register and list the assets they want to sell. All these assets are organized into regions, domains and product categories and listed on the website, for the potential buyers to find.

This way, managed to bring in the same place great offering from companies that are closing or downsizing. Newly formed companies, or the ones growing while keeping strict control of costs can find great deals on a huge variety of assets.

“We don’t charge users for using the website functionality unless they want to post assets for sale. Otherwise for listings and searching of products our service is free” declared Razvan Diaconescu, Commercial Director and Co-Founder of the project.

Following it’s launch at the beginning of 2009 the project has been a success in the business community on already two continents and is expanding it client base and assets offerings with a growth rate of almost 100% every month. “The figures tell us it’s been a great idea and the market needed such a service” said Steve Clemens, Business Development Manager at

Starting with September 2009, the business focus has been moved on consolidating the international expansion and on building a stable partner network. “Our business expansion motto is : think globally, act regionally” declared Mr. Clemens.

The project is targeting on becoming the icon on it’s market niche and expanding the existing customer base to 5 000 customers, by the end of 2009.

About : US based, operated from US and Europe. Enjoy your deals!

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