Predator Automated Marketing System (PAMS) Takes the Internet by Storm

Naperville, IL, September 22, 2006 --( If you’re a home based business seeker here is your opportunity to be one of the first involved the new Predator Automated Marketing System, recently announced by Mentors on a Mission, Inc.

"The main benefit is that we show our members how they never need to buy leads again,” said Dr. Keith Vanic, Master Closer and Mentor with PAMS. “That is why we have attracted successful entrepreneurs, especially from programs like Liberty League, Emerald Passport, Coastal Vacations, and Prosperity Automated System (PAS). All of these programs can generate a big immediate income, but, only if you have enough good quality leads”.

The Predator Automated Marketing System is a new, totally automated marketing system. This wealth building system does not require any sales skills, prospecting skills, making phone calls, closing skills or working long hours. The automated system does all of this for you. The average PAMS member spends 30 minutes a day working their Internet business.

The Predator Automated Marketing System is the state-of-the-art automated marketing tool for serious business owners. The Predator Automated Marketing System builds the user's existing business, generates multiple income streams and promotes itself.

Mentors on a Mission, Inc. is a Global Training and Mentoring Company. The mission is to help home based business entreprenuers maximize their potential by providing results oriented mentoring, an easy to apply methodology, and an 'earn as you learn' opportunity.

The now famous Make Money or Make Excuses ( course developed by Mr. Al Turnquist, teaches network marketers how to make money, and how to become financially free in 24-36 months. The course includes one-on-one coaching, Internet based training, and weekly training calls.

Chad William Hershey is founder of his own home based business, The Pinnacle Group. He is a student and mentor of Mentors in Motion and The Master Key System. Chad shares his passion and knowledge of being in the Home Based Business Industry for the last 15 years to help others succeed in the home based business. More info:

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